Automating lead notifications via Slack and Email

Your Sales Team may have collected a large database of leads over time, but it can be difficult to gauge the correct time to follow up.

Running email-drip or outbound phone-call campaigns can work, but the results are haphazard. Prospects might be in-meetings when your team call, or your emails might get buried under their daily Inbox pile 📥

👉 Wouldn’t it be great to get a notification letting you know exactly when your prospects were ready for a Sales conversation?

With GoSquared & Slack, you can!

GoSquared not only gives you the ability to know when old prospects have returned to your site, but with our Slack Integration, allows you to set automated notifications to your Sales Team.

This alerts your team to jump on the opportunity and reach out to offer a call or demo at the perfect moment ☎️

Get your Slack integration set up today, and provide your Sales Team with a stream of live leads to get in touch with!

NB. If you don’t use Slack, don’t worry! You can set up automated notifications to your Sales Team’s email instead 😄

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