Options for sending messages from GoSquared

Options for sending messages from GoSquared

📬 Sending messages from GoSquared Engage
🗣️ Sending messages from GoSquared Inbox

Sending messages from GoSquared Engage

📤 GoSquared’s Engage platform enables you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

But sending “the right message” doesn’t just mean sending personalised, relevant content at the right time. The right type of message can often be just as important as the content of that message.

That’s why we offer four different options for sending messages from GoSquared. This ensures every message is sent in the relevant format for maximum open rates and user engagement.

You can communicate with your users from the GoSquared Engage platform in the following ways:

In-app Only

In-app messages work best to engage online and active users. You don’t want to distract a user who is already on your platform by sending them an email; chances are they will leave your platform to check their Inbox, and could close their platform session.

In-app messages are best deployed to keep users engaged on your site, often by offering nudges to the next step in their product or sales journey.

Great examples of in-app messages include:

  • A success pop-up to congratulate a new user for activating a key feature for the first time
  • A personalised welcome message to onboard new users, with a call-to-action button to guide them to the next step in getting set up with your platform.

In-app & Email

Sometimes it’s best to cover both bases.

For example, you could be running an Onboarding Sequence over your users’ first week. Some users may be active at the points the messages fire, others could be offline. In order to ensure you have the best chances of reaching all users where they are, select the in-app & email option.

Email Only

In an ideal world, users would spend their whole working day logged into your site and actively engaging with your service.

But in reality, this isn’t always the case. Distractions are a fact of life and in-app messages won’t always go far enough to reach your users.

After all, the key to great engagement is always meeting users where they are. That’s where our Email only option comes in.

If a user has not been active on your site for a significant period of time, you can’t leave it to chance for them to return of their own accord to view your in-app messaging.

Email provides a deeper reach; dropping into their inbox to remind them to return back to your site.

Great examples of Email Only use-cases include:

  • A Re-Engagement Sequence to send to inactive users or customers displaying churn-risk behaviour. The Sequence should work to entice users to return to the platform, give a sense of FOMO for the value they are missing out on, or start a conversation to understand why your service is not meeting your clients’ needs.
  • A Nurture Sequence for hesitant users who are not fully bought-into your product yet. This can educate about the benefits your service offers; building their confidence and interest to increase their likelihood of returning to your site.

Best of all, with our Email Only option you can also send time-limited messaging, as the message history will not be shown in-app when the user next logs in. Use the Email Only option when sending announcements about temporary maintenance updates or outages.

Email only options

We offer an additional choice between ‘Simple’ email and HTML, as each serve different purposes.

We recommend Simple Email to give a sense of personalisation. These emails appear ‘handwritten’ and individual.

  • If you are running a Nurture Sequence of HTML emails, you should balance the formal tone of the HTMLs with a more personalised touch of Simple Email. After a Case study HTML email, you could send a follow-up Simple Email a day later asking the user for feedback, or if they would like to jump on a call to discuss further.
  • Better still, with GoSquared’s ability to send via different sender profiles, you could select a different agent to send the Simple Email; adding a further sense of personalisation.

We recommend using HTML for more formal communication, where aesthetics and presentation are paramount.

  • With our own HTML builder, you can build or paste your HTML code into GoSquared and preview the updates live from your browser.
  • Great examples for using HTML include monthly newsletters, quarterly product announcements, or running Marketing campaigns.

NB. Don’t forget to add your custom email domain! Users are far more likely to open emails sent from you, rather than from

Adding your custom email domain also means emails are more likely to avoid users’ spam filters, and reach their inboxes safely.

Sending messages from GoSquared Inbox

Message Send Modes

When communicating with users from the GoSquared Inbox, you can choose to send messages via in-app, in-app & email, or email only.

GoSquared will intelligently recommend the most sensible option based on the end-user’s online status - so you will know which message format is most likely to engage. For online users, engage them directly with in-app, or in-app & email if there is a risk they are about to go offline.

If a user is already offline, you can send a message via Email only, straight to their email inbox.

From the user’s Live Chat history, GoSquared will differentiate which format each message has been sent.

In-app or In-app & Email

Email Only

You have the option in Inbox to directly-reply to a specific message - this will ensure the email will arrive with the same subject line into the users’ email Inbox, and form part of the same thread.

You also have the option to specify a subject line on your email (the placeholder text shows the a pre-filled default of the subject line is not edited).

How can users reply to emails sent from GoSquared?

Replying Directly to an Email Only message

If an end-user replies from their Email to an Email only message, their response will not appear in GoSquared Inbox. It will appear directly in your designated sender profile Inbox.

Replying to Emails out of Sequence

If an end-user replies to an email message out-of-sequence, GoSquared will show a preview of the replied-to message for context.

For example, an end-user receives an Email only messages a week ago, and has since then sent a handful of messages directly via Live Chat.

If the user then proceeds to reply to the original Email only message, GoSquared will preview that message for context.