Invite Team Members

GoSquared allows you to share access to your project with as many team members as you like – for free.

Team members can:

✅ View Analytics dashboards.
✅ Receive Email Reports.
✅ Search, view, and edit contacts in Customer Data Hub.
✅ Send and receive Live Chat and email messages in Inbox.

💡 Only project admins have permission to invite new team members.

Learn more about permissions for shared users.

How to invite new team members

If you manage more than one GoSquared project (i.e. you have GoSquared installed on multiple sites), you can be selective about which projects you want to share access to.

First click the Project Picker dropdown at the top of the GoSquared sidebar to select which project you want to share.

1. Head to Project Settings

Navigate to Settings > Current Project > Team Sharing.

Screenshot of Team Sharing settings in GoSquared

2. Click “Add team member”

To invite a team member to use GoSquared for this website, select “Add team member” and enter that person’s email address. You can also select which level of access to give you team-mate.

Your team-mate will be sent an email inviting them to join your GoSquared project.

If they don’t already have a GoSquared account, they’ll be asked to create a new free GoSquared account in order to sign in.

3. Repeat for other team members and projects

If you want to share more than one project, just switch to that project and send a new invite.

More information on sharing GoSquared with your team

GoSquared is designed to be easy for your whole team to use.

Try putting GoSquared up on a big screen near the lunch tables, and invite everyone on your team to GoSquared to start building a culture of greater transparency and raise awareness of key metrics within your team.

Everyone you invite gains full access to GoSquared for each project you have chosen, and can also receive email reports so they’re always in the loop.

If you manage multiple sites, you can selectively share each site with different people. For example, if you are a web design agency, you can share each of your sites separately with each of your individual clients.

Having issues adding team members?

If you’re experiencing problems adding team members to your project in GoSquared, we’re here to help.

Too many pending invites

If you’re adding many team mates to GoSquared in quick succession, you may run into security measures designed to protect your account.

GoSquared will not allow you to invite more team members if you have 10 or more pending invites. To get around this, either remove existing pending invitations, or nudge any team members who are in a pending state to accept their invites.

“Something went wrong”

If you see a message stating “Something went wrong” when attempting to invite new team members, it is possible that you’ve exceeded our rate limiting to prevent abuse of the team invite system. If you experience issues here, the best course of action is to wait an hour for the rate limit to lift.

If you continue to experience issues here, just reach out to us via Live Chat.