Engagement (Now)

The Engagement widget in the Now dashboard shows you how people are actually using your site right now.

Many analytics services show you how many people have come to your site, but only GoSquared gives you a detailed insight into the activity of those visitors while they're currently online - are they actively engaged in the content you're producing? Are they sticking around long enough to read? Are they going to more than one page or are they simply bouncing? The Engagement widget aims to answer such questions.

Average Time on Site

The first tab is "Average Time on Site" - this adds up the total session time of the visitors currently on your site and then divides it by the total number of visitors currently online. This metric uses the 'true session time' rather than the Actively Engaged Time which can be viewed on the Trends dashboard.

The true session time is how long a visitor leaves your website open for. This means the session only finishes when the visitor actually closes your site. Therefore if they still have your site open in a background tab, open in a minimised window or displayed on a second monitor etc the current session time will still be counting up.

We do this to avoid incorrectly guessing when a visitor has left your site and instead timing when they actually leave.

Average Depth of Visit

The middle tab is "Average Depth of Visit" - this shows you the average number of pages each of your online visitors have been to. The higher this number, the more pages they've been to, and the more "sticky" and engaging your site is likely to be.

Active Visitors

The third tab is "Active Visitors" which shows you the percentage of visitors currently online that are actually active. This metric takes into account how long someone has been on a page, whether they have recently scrolled the page, whether it is the front most tab / window on their screen, and whether they have moved their cursor much since they opened the page.

As with other widgets in GoSquared, if you click the tabs you can expand / collapse extra information about some tabs.

What does the Engagement widget do in the Trends dashboard?

Bars & Colours

The widget's bars and colours serve as a graphical representation of the Engagement intervals of users who are currently online. The different shades of blue are purely for aesthetic purposes.