👀 Being able to see individual visitors on your site is a crucial way to identify and qualify prospective leads and customers.

When you have key information like, referrer, campaign, and the current page somebody is viewing, readily to hand, it's so much easier to spot potential customers and improve conversion by proactively reaching out through Live Chat.

The Visitors view shows you everybody that has been on your site in the last 24 hours, you'll see each and every person who's visited your site during the past month, along with key information about how you acquired them, what they viewed, and whether or not you have contacted them.

When does a visitor convert into a user?

A visitor can convert into a user in a number of ways, such as:

  • Submitting a GoSquared Form.
  • Engaging via Live Chat and providing an email address.
  • Creating a log-in within your platform.

For example, when you begin a conversation with a visitor, they will convert into a user within Contacts. You can then select the profile from the ‘Users’ tab.

Thanks to GoSquared’s Auto Enrichment, the user profile will be enriched with publicly available data, if the visitor providers their email address. You will also be able to track their activity across your website to-date.

NB. One user will contribute one profile to the total profile limit for your account.

Want to learn how to import users into GoSquared? 🤔

Check out our easy-to-use CSV Importer Tool to mass upload users into Customer Data Hub.