How to set-up Two-factor authentication in GoSquared

How to set-up Two-factor authentication in GoSquared

Two-factor authentication, otherwise known as 2FA, adds an additional layer of security to your GoSquared password.

We’ve made it very simple to add 2FA to your GoSquared account. Start by heading to Settings > Your Account > Security

You will see the section for Two-factor authentication, click Configure

Step 1

Enter your password into the prompt-box.

Step 2

Choose how you would like to receive your 2FA; either via a Mobile App or Text Message.

Note: If you select Mobile App, you will need to have already installed an Authenticator App, such as Google Authenticator, onto your Smartphone.

Step 3a - Authenticator App

Open your Mobile App and select the option to ‘Scan a barcode’. You can then scan the 2FA QR code via your phone’s camera. Alternatively, you can select the option to enter the code manually.

Step 3b - Text Message

Select your Country code, then enter your mobile phone number to receive a verification code via SMS.

… You can then enter this code into the text-prompt.

Step 4 - Enabled

🎉 Congratulations - your 2FA is now enabled! 🎉

Step 5 - Backup Code

In case you lose your phone, it is important that you have a backup option to access your account.

You can either safely store a Back-up code, or select a fallback SMS number to send your code to.

NB. If you choose to backup via SMS, please ensure that your fallback mobile number is secure.

🎓 What to read next?

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