GoSquared Access to your Account

🛡️ GoSquared access to your Account

GoSquared staff have the ability to log into customer accounts, at the customer’s permission, in order provide assistance with account problems or support-related queries.

GoSquared will not access customer accounts without prior written permission from a representative of that account.

‘Login as’ allows GoSquared staff to access the customer account and view to assist with account problems and support-purposes, but not to use the account information in any other way.

The ‘Login as’ facility is only used to diagnose specific issues, without compromising the security of the customer account.

When accessing client accounts, GoSquared staff will not adjust or share any security settings of the account.

All staff access and action within client accounts is logged and auditable.

📚 Want to know more about our GDPR policy? Read how GoSquared goes the extra mile to protect your data & privacy, or view our full Privacy Policy here.

💬 If you have any questions regarding authorising staff access to your GoSquared account, just get in touch with us via Live Chat