Delivering outstanding customer service

Spot customers who are a churn risk

Set up a Smart Group based on the ‘last active’ filter to identify customers who haven’t used your platform in the last two weeks. You can then create an automated email triggered by membership in this that offers free training, an educational resource, or a refresher session with a member of your team.

The ‘last active’ filter can show you customers who are at risk churn, or who need some extra help to see the real value of your product.

You could also try using automated messages to drive product engagement which can create ‘stickiness’. This stickiness helps you customers to better understand, use, and commit to your product.

Try it today:

  • Set up a Smart Group which identifies customers at risk of churning.
  • Create a 2 email sequence to educate these customers and get them using your product regularly.

Gather product feedback

A great way to know if your customers are happy is to ask them! Set up an automated campaign to ask different groups of users for feedback a few times a year. You might want to track your NPS score, and remember the importance of feeding back this information to the entire team.

Make sure to get a full cross-section of your customers, and that details do matter. Use Smart Groups and tailor the feedback request so the questions are relevant to the group of customers you’re talking to.

Try this:

  • Ask your longest term customers for feedback by setting up a Smart Group that filters for accounts created over a year ago.
  • Tailor your questions and copy to acknowledge the length of time that the customer has been with you.

Build automated educational resources

Part of your content marketing can take the form of email courses. They are a great way to get relevant posts and guides to the people who will find them most useful.

Try this today:

  • Identify the group of customers who would most benefit from an educational series.
  • Understand the value and message that you want to get across to this group.
  • Split your resources into 3-4 sections and get writing!

Deliver seamless customer support

It has become a trend, particular amongst large corporates, to try and prevent customers from talking to you. Companies hide behind noreply@ email addresses, contact forms and impossible to find phone numbers. It’s incredibly frustrating to your customers who want to get answers quickly and easily.

Instead of falling into this trap make it as easy as possible for your customers to talk to you.

Try this today:

  • Set up the GoSquared Assistant on your site
  • Create a couple of Prompts that encourage visitors and customers to ask questions. Test out different copy and see what gets people talking.

Upsell premium services and products

When you really know your customers you can help them out in a mutually beneficial way. Using all the knowledge you have about your customers, their needs, and behaviours, you can learn which customers would get the most out of some of your premium features or services.

Try this:

  • Create a Smart Group in Customer Data Hub of customers who use one feature heavily, but do not use another linked feature.
  • Build an educational email sequence to be sent to this Smart Group which teaches them about the unused feature and how it could benefit their business.