Set up Notifications for GoSquared Forms

💬 A great use-case for GoSquared forms is to send immediate notifications to your Sales team, via Email or Slack

This ensures that hot leads can be engaged with in a timely manner, while they are still actively browsing your site.

Your Sales people will be able reach-out to the prospect via Live Chat or email, directly from the notification message. Thanks to GoSquared’s auto-enrichment and analytics, your Sales people will have all the information they need to-hand for well-informed and productive sales conversations.

Once you have your Email and/or Slack integrations setup, simply follow the steps outlined in the tutorial here to setup Notifications 👇

Video Tutorial - Adding Slack or Email notifications to GoSquared Forms

⚠️ If you have not yet added an Email Address or Slack channel to receive notifications, please see the tutorial below:

Video Tutorial - Setting up a Slack or Email Integration

If you have any questions about setting up your GoSquared Forms, just reach out to us at ✍️