Send your first Broadcast

Broadcasts enable you to send a manual, personalised message to a selected segment of your user-base.

Some of our favourite use-cases for Broadcasts include sending a monthly Newsletter, launching new Product features, updates regarding bug-fixes, and limited time-promotions.

Please follow the steps below in the suggested order to ensure your platform is optimally set-up to send Broadcasts.

  1. Import your Contacts 👥
  2. Connect your data source 💾
  3. Add your email domain ✍️
  4. Hit Send! 🚀

Import your Contacts 👥

To get started with populating the GoSquared ‘Contacts’ section, you can export a CSV file from your existing data source and upload it directly in seconds.

The rows will populate into user profiles according to email address, and columns will populate both user-profile properties as well as creat searchable filters for you to build your Smart Group.

Head to Contacts > Import Contacts to upload your first file.

If you would like to include custom properties in your imports, check out our guide here for additional instructions.

💾 Connect your data source

NB. Connecting your data source manually or via some of our integrations can be a little technical. If you are not comfortable, we recommend you log into your account and invite a Developer to your project:

A) Installing the GoSquared snippets manually

To connect to GoSquared via our API you will need to install our Analytics & ‘Identify’ snippets. This method is applicable if your platform or website offers a login function.

Our Analytics snippet tracks real-time visitor data across your site. This ensures users enter and exit your Smart Groups automatically, which is the foundation to triggering targeted messages.

The Identify snippet enables GoSquared to recognise returning users, and ‘stitch’ them onto their existing profile in your Contacts section.

You can find instructions for installing both our Analytics & Identify codes from the integration page in your setup guide.

Installing the Identify snippet requires accessing your website’s underlying source-code. You can access an instruction manual for this installation here, or forward GoSquared’s technical documentation onto your Developer.

B) Connecting via third party integration

You can also connect your data source to GoSquared via our integrations with platforms such as Segment or Zapier. This enables you to send through your custom properties and existing users into your Contacts section, ready to receive your Broadcast.

You can view the integration documents for our most common partners, or check out our Integration centre here.

Salesforce Integration
Segment Integration
Zapier Integration

✍️ Add your custom email domain

🤝 Your contacts are far more likely to engage with your Broadcast if it comes from your company email address.

To send email from your own domain, you first need to register your domain as a Sending Domain in GoSquared, and follow our instructions for setting up DNS Verification.

To set this up, head to Settings > Current Project > Email or check out our full instruction manual here for adding your CNAME and editing your DNS record.

🚀 Create & Publish your Broadcast!

Great job, if you’ve followed the steps above you are now ready to send out your first Broadcast!

With our Engage platform, you have multiple options for sending out your message:

✅ In-app only
✅ In-app & simple email
✅ Simple email only
✅ HTML email onl

These options are important, as you want to meet your users where they are to ensure maximum engagement.

If you are sending a Broadcast to a list of engaged users who are frequently online, send an in-app message. This will deploy from the Live Chat widget, while they are active on your platform.

If you’re sending a more detailed Broadcast, such as a Newsletter, and your list of users may not be online at the time of receipt, send a HTML email for best results.

👋 Not familiar with using HTML? Not to worry! Head to our free HTML template builder to build out your HTML broadcast with our drag & drop functionality. No code knowledge required!

To send out your Broadcast, head to the Engage section of your Nav bar and click the option for Broadcasts. You can choose from our list of pre-prepared templates, or build your own from scratch.

PS. Remember to add that personal touch! Use Variables to ensure each message is tailored to each individual recipient, in order to maximise your engagement rates.