Getting Started with GoSquared Analytics

GoSquared’s Analytics dashboards unlock the key website metrics you need every day, without the complexity and learning curve of more complex Analytics tools.

Start tracking visitors to your website or platform in minutes. All you need to do is add one snippet of code, then sit back and watch your dashboards come to life with real-time data!

Manual Integration

Check out our tutorial video below to install the GoSquared Analytics snippet manually into your site in minutes! 👇

Step 1: Ensure you have a GoSquared account

If you don’t already have a GoSquared account, Create your 7 day trial.

Once you have signed up, you’ll be guided through the key steps to help you get started with GoSquared.

Step 2: Head to the Setup Guide

Setup Guide Installation

Once you’re in your account, you can always head to the Setup Guide listed in the sidebar on the left of the screen.

In Setup Guide, head to the first option: “Install on your site” to manually install GoSquared.

Step 3: Copy and paste the JavaScript Snippet

Manually copy your GoSquared JavaScript Snippet

Copy the code from this screen, and paste the code into every page on your site that you wish to track. You’ll need to add it just before the closing </head> tag.

The code snippet will look something like this:


  _gs('set', 'anonymizeIP', true);

On most sites, you should be able to add this to a header file (or any file that’s included on all pages of your site) and it will appear on every page.

If you’re uncomfortable about adding the code to your website yourself, or are unable to do so, hit the “Invite colleague…” button to send the code to your developer or website manager to implement.

Step 4: Save and update your website

After adding the code to your site and saving the changes, check everything still works by visiting your website and refreshing the page. Once happy, head back to GoSquared and click the “Check Installation”" button in the Setup Guide.

Step 5: Double check you’re ready to go

Screenshot of Check your GoSquared setup

You’re almost ready to go – we’ve provided a helpful checklist to ensure you have completed the required steps to install GoSquared.

If you’re sure you’ve completed everything, just tick each step off, and then hit “Run installation check”.

Step 6: Checking your installation…

GoSquared will start to check to ensure you’ve installed the JavaScript Snippet correctly.

The checker will turn green if it successfully tracks a pageview – indicating everything should be working as expected.

Did the checker fail?

If the checker turns red and fails to confirm your installation, don’t panic. There’s a bunch of reasons why this might happen and we see them all the time.

GoSquared Checker failed to validate

If the check fails, try these methods to fix the issue:

  • Try loading up your website in a new Incognito or Private browser window and refresh the page.
  • Ensure you don’t have an ad blocker installed that might be preventing GoSquared from loading.
  • Ensure you’re loading a page of your site that has the GoSquared JavaScript on it.

The Setup Guide checklist will then guide you through the rest of the GoSquared set-up.

You don’t even need to touch any code if your website or app is built on any of these popular platforms:

👨‍💻 If you’re a developer, you might what to check out our API documentation to see what’s possible with our powerful set of APIs.

Troubleshooting your Snippet installation

The two most common reasons why your Analytics tracking may not be working is if the Snippet is not correctly installed into your site, or the wrong project token has been used.

To check both of these, open your website in a Chrome browser and right click on the page to select ‘View Page Source’

In the tab that opens, type CTRL + F on your keyboard to bring up the ‘find’ search bar. Within that type ‘_gs’

This will search the code on your website to see if it can find our snippet and highlight the results in yellow. If the Snippet has been installed successfully, it will be highlighted in the search.

If the Snippet highlights correctly, but your Analytics still are not tracking, please ensure you have used the correct project token. This will appear as ‘GSN - 123456 - X’

You can find your Project token by selecting the relevant project in GoSquared. Then head to the Settings tab > Current Project > General > GoSquared Code Snippet. From here, you can recopy the correct snippet which will contain the project token.

If you’re still stuck, please write to us at and we will be happy to help ✍️