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What is a project?

A project is an individual website, store, or app you wish to install GoSquared on.

Each project has a unique “Project Token” that is provided in the JavaScript Snippet you use during installation. Each project has its own dashboards, Live Chat Inbox, and Contacts.

The number of projects you can add may be limited by your GoSquared plan. View plans and pricing.

How do I add a new project to my account?

Click the project picker dropdown at the top of the sidebar in your account. Then click the + icon to add a new project. You can read more about multiple projects here. Learn more about using GoSquared on multiple sites.

How do I delete a project?

Only the project owner (the person who originally added the project) has permission to delete it. First ensure you have selected the correct project using the project picker in the sidebar.

Then head to Settings > Current Project > General. Scroll to the bottom of the “General” section and hit the “Permanently Delete this project” button.

⚠️ Deleting a project is a destructive action! It cannot be un-done. Once you delete a project, the data collected is immediately inaccessible and cannot be retrieved again.

What is a profile?

A profile is a contact or customer that you choose to store in the GoSquared Customer Data Hub. You can see their information and what they’ve been browsing. A profile may be created when somebody registers for your service (becomes a customer), or when a visitor starts a conversation with you. Learn more about profiles.

Will GoSquared slow down my site?

Performance is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on having one of the most lightweight analytics scripts in the business. The tracking code will always load asynchronously, without blocking other resources on your site, ensuring that it has negligible impact on your site’s performance.

Can I track subdomains with GoSquared?

We recommend using multiple tracking codes for subdomain tracking. Essentially, track each subdomain as a separate GoSquared project, this will create a unique tracking code for each subdomain. Then create one extra project and put its tracking code across all your subdomains to create a total global traffic dashboard. Read the full subdomain guide for advice on tracking People profiles and message history across subdomains.

My tracking code is not working

Please double check that the tracking code is installed just before the </head> tag on every page on your website. Also check that the correct project token is being used.

If you’re trying to track a site on the file:// protocol (local files) or on localhost, the tracker will not track visitors by default. This is to prevent local development from skewing reported traffic levels, but if you’d like it enabled, just add _gs('set', 'trackLocal', true); after the tracking code.

How do I integrate GoSquared with another platform?

GoSquared currently integrates with many third-party platforms, such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Salesforce and Zapier.

To find instructions on your specific integration query, please head to our Integrations Centre

If you’re still having issues after following the installation guide, please get in touch or click the Live Chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.