URL Filtering

Part 1: How to use URL Filtering

Part 2: ➡️ Video Tutorial ⬅️ - How to use URL Filtering & automation to re-engage cold leads & book demos

URL Filtering is an easy, yet hugely powerful way to find contacts based on the pages they’ve recently viewed on your website.

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How to use URL Filtering

To use URL Filtering you’ll need the following:

💡 URL Filtering doesn’t required any additional setup beyond installing your JavaScript Snippet – as soon as you’re tracking pageviews with GoSquared, and identifying visitors as they use your product, you can start to segment your audience based on the pages they’ve been to.

To find contacts based on when they recently visited a specific page:

  1. Head to Contacts.
  2. Navigate to an existing Smart Group, or just head to the “Everyone” group.
  3. Choose “Add a Filter”.
  4. In the Filter panel, choose the “Pages” tab.
  5. You can find people by whether they viewed a specific URL, or a URL containing anything you choose. For this, we’ll choose “Viewed URL containing…”
  6. In the text field that appears, enter a term in the URL of a page you care about – for example “/plans” would show you everyone who has visited the page at “”
  7. Choose the time frame over which people have visited this URL – for example, “within last 30 days”. Or, select a custom period of your choice, such as “last quarter”.
  8. You can optionally add further filters to further refine your audience.
  9. Save your filters as a Smart Group, or export your list of contacts to use in another application.

Why is URL Filtering helpful?

We recently increased open rates from 40% to 70% for one of our key emails.

It was all thanks to URL filtering.

We started sending the message immediately after people had visited the pricing page on our site.

By sending at the ideal time, the message became dramatically more relevant to everyone who received it, so more people opened it, and ultimately acted on it.

With zero additional setup required, find contacts based on a whole new dimension – the URLs of the pages they’ve recently visited.

This opens up a huge array of possibilities – for example, you could send a message to:

  • People who recently visited your pricing page but didn’t convert – and establish if they have any concerns.
  • People who read a blog post more than 30 days ago to drive them back to your most recent content.
  • Compare the number of visitors to your registration page over monthly or quarterly periods

Video Tutorial

How to use URL Filtering & automation to re-engage cold leads & book demos

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