Lead Capture

Lead Capture enables you to capture a new visitor's email address via the Assistant and automatically add them to your Contacts.

This means you can easily:

✅ Capture email addresses to boost your site’s lead generation.
✅ Follow up with leads when they go offline by sending messages via Email
✅ Qualify leads when Assistant enriches their data from social media channels associated to their email.
✅ Proactively gain insightful feedback from your visitors.

Lead Capture Modes

Lead capture currently has two modes:

Email required. Visitors must provide their email address before starting a chat. This mode is a premium feature.
Passive mode. Visitors can choose to leave their email address after starting a chat. This is the default behaviour of the Assistant.

Email Required

You may want to qualify leads before deciding how much time to spend chatting with them. In this mode, visitors must provide their email address up-front before starting a conversation. This only happens the first time they start a conversation – GoSquared will remember who they are on subsequent visits.

To turn this on, head to the 'Lead Capture' section in Settings > Current Project > Assistant and turn on Require email to chat.

Lead form greeting

You can optionally customise the Lead form greeting (the text at the top of the form), or leave it blank to have no greeting.

Note: If a visitor is attempting to reply to a Chat prompt (automatic message), the message from the Chat prompt will be shown at the top of the form instead.

After submitting the form you can use the automatic Confirmation message to let them know you'll reply soon:

💡 You can setup an alternative ‘Lead form greeting’ and ‘Confirmation message’ for when you are Out-of-Office

Passive Mode

The default behaviour of Assistant is to let anybody start a conversation without needing to provide additional information.

This frictionless mode of chat encourages more visitors to start a conversation, and if they like what you have to say, they can choose to leave their email address. This does mean visitors can send messages anonymously, but it also increases the chance of somebody starting a conversation in the first place.

This works by presenting an optional email form after the conversation has started:

Does email capture create/update People profiles?

When a new visitor starts a chat conversation, GoSquared creates an anonymous profile in Contacts so that we can store their chat history. If the visitor submits their email address, GoSquared will attempt to autofill the users details by looking up their avatar, name, job title etc from their associated social profiles.

Chat profiles will have a 'Status' property set to Leadlearn more about statuses