Customer Engagement - Segmented Onboarding Sequences

🎓 Combine GoSquared custom events with Sequences to engage new signups with intelligent, targeted onboarding Sequences; ensuring they are set up for success and receiving value from your product.

Custom events are visible in both your Analytics dashboards and People profiles, to give you insights into how your visitors and users are engaging with these events.

But the real power lies in using custom events to differentiate between activated and non-activated new users.

See who has recently signed up to your platform, subscription or free trial, and whether they are set up for success or failure.

To do this, you first need add custom events into GoSquared for your product’s key activation features.

  • For an online Community, the event could be when a user uploads a profile picture or adds their first comment.
  • For an Agency, it could be downloading or viewing a certain number of articles.
  • For a SaaS platform, it could be sending your first message via the platform’s messenger.

These custom events can then be used to segment your users into activated and non-activated Smart Groups. So you can see which new users are enjoying using your product, and which users are struggling.

With GoSquared Engage, you can go a step further and send targeted onboarding messaging to the two different segments.

For activated users, send a validation email to highlight their success metrics - showing how your product is bringing value to them. Make it a no-brainer for the user to fully integrate or sign up to your premium plan.

For non-activated users, send a re-engagement email. Call out the fact that the user has not activated your key features. Offer help to remove any blockages by sending links to your Support articles or a training session with your CS team; to ensure they are set up for success with your product.

In the video below, we’ll show you how to set up a basic Onboarding Sequence, with the following emails:

✅ Welcome email (All new signups)
✅ Validation email (Activated signups)
✅ Re-engagement email (Non-activated signups)

The goal of this Sequence is to ensure as many new signups as possible successfully activate our example key activation feature, using the custom event “Profile Verified”.