Closing deals faster

Closing deals is really all about personalisation. Are you surprised to read that? You shouldn’t be. We can’t emphasise this enough: personalisation is the key to strong, long lasting customer relationships.

Let’s get into it.

Deliver a premium sales experience

As you’re moving your potential customers down the sales funnel you want to be curating the best experience you can. After over a decade of research and work in this area we have learnt that a premium experience means two things: personalisation and choice.

Again, our Smart Groups come into their own here giving you an abundance of options to tailor make a number of different sales processes depending on a customer’s triggers, needs, and actions.

Today you could:

Make the most of high value pages

In seconds you can find out which pages are your most visited and add custom prompts to increase the conversion potential.

Identify these pages by looking at your Analytics Dashboard and cross reference this with your search rankings in Google Search Console. Any page with a high ranking and a lot of visitors should have it’s own prompt with a strong call-to-action.

Try this today:

Send personalised offers

So many businesses miss out when they don’t personalise their offers to customers. Whether that’s a plan type, a features list, or a selection of educational resources - make sure that you’re sending the right opportunity to the right customer.

Using Smart Groups to identify similarities between your customers will enable you to send out offers that connect with the behaviour the customer is showing. Being able to react in real-time to customer behaviour is a huge advantage of intelligent software tools.

Try this today:

  • Create a Smart Group in the Customer Data Hub of loyal free-tier users who haven’t yet converted but who have looked at your premium pricing plan or features page.
  • Make an educational email sequence to show the benefits of your premium features in relation to their use of the product, compare the value of the free-tier with the premium tier.
  • In one of these emails include a custom offer for this group.