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Intercom crazy complicated pricing GoSquared simple easy affordable pricing
Intercom crazy complicated pricing GoSquared simple easy affordable pricing


It can be pretty boring. Expecting and receiving the same result over and over, month in and month out. Nothing changing. Same old, same old.

But not always.

When it comes to pricing for SaaS software, sometimes boring is good. You want it to be an afterthought. Something that you expect each month, that is fair, constant and far exceeds the value you get from the software. You don't want the feeling that anything unwelcome is going to creep up on you, like a distant relative at a family gathering about to ask you for a favour.

At GoSquared, we strive to keep our pricing as constant and fair as possible. We want your team to get the most usage out of GoSquared and won't penalise you for it, so we don't charge for additional agents or sites.

We don't move goalposts or change definitions. What you see is what you get, predictable, month in, month out. Same old, same old.

GoSquared: simple, fair pricing with no surprises.

How much could you save switching from Intercom?

Total Intercom Profiles:

Total Intercom Seats:

Estimated monthly Intercom cost: £223

GoSquared monthly cost: £79

Monthly Savings: £74

Annual Savings: £888

Intercom with too many features

Supporting you to succeed.

The word "support" has become synonymous with being placed in a queue, assigned a ticket, and being responded to in a timely fashion by a rather unhelpful bot.

At GoSquared we think about support differently.

We know that in order for anyone to succeed they need support along the way. Like the coach that supports an athlete or mentor that supports an entrepreneur. We aim to offer that kind of support to help you succeed and your SaaS business grow.

Over the past 14 years, we have worked with hundreds of SaaS companies all with unique challenges and goals. We love to support our customers with the help, advice, and insight we've learned along the way. We want to understand each and every one of our customers, the problems they are looking to solve and make sure we can help them deliver on their objectives.

But you don't have to take our word for it...

Users love GoSquared on G2GoSquared is a leader in Digital Analytics on G2GoSquared is a leader in Digital Analytics on G2GoSquared is a leader in Digital Analytics on G2
Intercom with too many features GoSquared integrates to a huge ecosystem of apps and services
Intercom with too many features GoSquared integrates to a huge ecosystem of apps and services

How can GoSquared replace Intercom?

Well if you've gotten this far, we're at the nuts and bolts of it. You're not really looking for an alternative though are you? You're wanting an improvement - we need to make sure we deliver on some core objectives for your SaaS business. So here we go....

You'll Improve sign up metrics for your SaaS business.

98% of website visitors leave without converting. You'll convert more sign ups from your marketing site with our bot Prompt messages. These let you target that user at the perfect time to push that lead over the final hurdle of consideration and avoid them becoming another statistic.

You'll Improve your onboarding and activation.

You'll significantly improve your user onboarding and activation with our real time in-app messaging. You can easily target users at any stage of onboarding to get them to complete key onboarding tasks. Our unique automatic user tracking means there is no messy setup or additional snippets needed. Less friction for you and your users.

You'll improve your customer communication.

Targeted communication just performs better. It's as simple as that. Whether it’s focused welcome campaigns based on your user’s specific use case or targeted Churn Prevention to re-engage your high value users, targeted email will positively impact your bottom line metrics.

GoSquared lets you segment your users for your campaigns into 'Smart Groups.' Groups that we monitor and update in real time so you'll never have another irrelevant message go out to another user. More targeted, more relevant, less unsubscribes.

You'll Improve your customer satisfaction.

It's rare for a SaaS company to want you to use a feature less - but hear us out. We're big believers that everyone prefers informed conversations. Getting to the solution the quickest way possible is also the quickest way to improve your customer satisfaction and NPS score.

Our user level analytics allows you to fast track user issues before you've even started the conversation. Figure out where they've been stuck, what they've tried before and then give them the best possible solution right away. You and your customers will both spend less time on our chat, which we actually think is pretty cool.