A unique expression of your metrics.


Exquisitely crafted enclosure.

From the very beginning, GoSquared Edition was designed with a deep reverance for the art of fine dashboard making. GoSquared Edition is both timeless and thoroughly modern.


Sapphire crystal traffic meter.

To make room for an integrated traffic meter, a tiny groove is laser-ablated around its perimeter. The crystal is polished with diamond covered gold to make it more golden.


It's gold.

After an extensive schmelting process, GoSquared Edition is assembled by hand without any compromises and delivered over the interwebs.

Bringing you closer to your customers.

GoSquared Edition exemplifies our focus on bringing you closer to your customers. Our designers tested thousands of iterations of gold colourings to define a colour that stood out just enough on white to be seen, but fell back into the background enough to force you to move closer to your screen to see your key metrics.

Beauty in its simplest form.

We wanted to make GoSquared Edition beautiful and elegant. Readability is reduced to make way for simplicity and clean lines that accentuate the natural properties of 18 karat digital gold.

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Just type "edition" in your GoSquared account (at select retail stores) to try Edition on for yourself.

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