GoSquared turns 10 years old

GoSquared turns 10

Ten years of helping teams connect with their customers.

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Mission Control for your business

Take control of your online business with beautifully simple, yet powerful analytics.

  • Monitoring


    The world's most accurate real-time dashboard. The first and still the best.

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  • Reporting


    No waiting and no training. Easy-to-use web analytics for the entire team.

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  • Understanding


    Connect all your tools to GoSquared to understand your customers like never before.

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Trusted by over 50,000 teams around the world.

  • Land Rover
  • Baremetrics
  • Delivery Hero
  • Ghost
  • Post NL
  • Panic
  • Jaguar
  • Tennessee Government

(They also started with a free trial.)

GoSquared in two minutes.

Photo of Giles Williams

“There are a lot of tools out there that promise the world and offer very little. GoSquared is the opposite of those tools. It’s truly changed the way we understand our users.”
– Giles Williams, CTO, Urban Massage

Photo of Nathan Carter

“I absolutely love GoSquared – it’s on our big screen, so we watch it all day in the office. And it’s the last thing I glance at on my iPhone before I go to bed every night.”
–Nathan Carter, Co-founder, Quotient

Photo of Dr Werner Vogels

“One of the powerhouses of metrics in and around the world.”
– Dr Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com

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All your customer data in one place.

GoSquared integrates with the tools you already use, so you can bring all your customer data together in one place with just a few clicks.

GoSquared integrates with your existing tools to put your customer data in one place

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Wondering if GoSquared is as easy-to-use as we say? Don't take our word for it – you can try out GoSquared without even signing up. Check out the live demo now.

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Take control of your online business with easy-to-use analytics tools.

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