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How it works

Got ~10 mins? Here's a full product walk-through from our CEO.

Web Analytics without

Web Analytics without the confusion.

Get the key website metrics you check every day, without the complexity and learning curve of tools like Google Analytics.

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Beautiful, intuitive dashboards

Award winning dashboards – designed to work across all devices – engage everyone in your team. Not just for the analysts.

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No setup required

Once you install GoSquared on your website, your dashboards jump into life without any further setup required.

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Our team has helped thousands of businesses implement, understand, and evolve web analytics. We're here to help you, too.

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Web Analytics without the privacy trade-off.

Other Analytics Tools

Some free and popular analytics tools hoover up vast amounts of data from your visitors and use this for purposes far beyond providing you insights.


With GoSquared, data from your website visitors is anonymised by default, and is only used to provide you with your key website metrics.


Since 2006, we've focused on doing Analytics the right way – with a dedication to privacy unparalleled in the industry.

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We don’t make money from advertising

It’s really simple – we make our money when our customers pay us for web analytics. No creepy data gathering, no reselling, no nasties.

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Fully GDPR compliant

We hold ourselves to the highest standards on privacy – and have the third party certification to prove it.

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Engineered for privacy

We’ve got nothing to hide. We're upfront and clear about the data GoSquared Analytics collects.

Having a trusted, real-time solution helps us make quick decisions as AMARO evolves, due to our fast business model that follows the latest trends.

Andre Martins, Head of Performance Marketing, Amaro

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Easy setup. Free for 7 days. Cancel any time.

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Web Analytics without the waiting.

Other Analytics Tools

Most web analytics tools are built around "batch" processing – you have to wait to query a report. And data is updated hourly at best.

Old, slow computer


From day one, GoSquared has been built as a real-time analytics platform. Everything loads instantly, and reports are ready in a snap.

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Not only is waiting frustrating, it can also be confusing. GoSquared Analytics is built from the ground up to be real-time – so you're always seeing the latest data.

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Real-time by default

Every single metric and number in GoSquared Analytics updates in real-time. You never have to wait for your data again.

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Easy, fast installation

With plugins for all major platforms, and easy-to-read API documentation, you won't have to spend days waiting on developers to integrate.

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Daily email reports

Start every day with your key metrics already in your inbox. From your top traffic sources, to the day's best blog post, it's the one email you'll want to receive.

100+ reasons to switch.

All the features you need to understand your website and improve your digital marketing, packed into a beautiful and intuitive set of dashboards.

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    Your site won't slow down

    With the lightest JavaScript Snippet in the industry, GoSquared Analytics is dramatically more efficient than common trackers like Google Analytics.

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    Add unlimited team mates

    Some services charge you by the "seat" – so you pay more for growing your team. GoSquared doesn't charge by seat, so everyone's in the loop.

  • Go build with the GoSquared Analytics API

    There's a powerful API

    Everything you see (and more) in GoSquared Analytics is available in real-time via our fully documented REST API.

  • Icons of tools that integrate with GoSquared Analytics

    Integrations with the tools you use

    You name it, GoSquared integrates with it. From popular site builders like Wordpress, Webflow, and Squarespace, to team communication tools like Slack.

  • Timeline of GoSquared history since 2006

    In business since 2006

    We've been around since before the iPhone was launched, and we're here to stay – as a profitable, sustainable, growing business.

  • Five star customer service

    Award-winning customer service

    We aim to make every customer happy and successful – because our success depends on it. Our team are here to make your day better.

Thousands of happy customers.

Thousands of people use GoSquared every day to improve their websites.

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