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GoSquared brings all your customer-level data together in one place.
Everything you need to know about your customers is just a search away.

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Trusted by businesses of all sizes. Thousands more like these use GoSquared to build relationships with their customers.

Real-time customer analytics.


Monitor, report and understand with one platform.

GoSquared is a platform for everything from monitoring your website in real-time, to understanding the behaviour of each user.


Connect your team with your users and customers.

Use GoSquared to understand the activity of every user – it's easy to explore how each user behaves inside your apps and websites.


Easy-to-use so your team can pick it up in hours, not weeks.

GoSquared is refreshingly easy to use. From setup to daily use, it's never been so easy to use analytics and data as a team.

Thousands of happy customers.

“There are a lot of tools out there that promise the world and offer very little. GoSquared is the opposite of those tools. It’s truly changed the way we understand our users.”
– Giles Williams, CTO, Urban Massage

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