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96% of your visitors leave without engaging or signing up. Start converting them to customers with GoSquared.

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Your visitors have questions…

Visitors are coming to your website every day. When they don’t find answers to their questions they either get in touch or they leave. So why make it hard for them to talk to you?

Turn confused visitors into qualified leads
Grow your business with happy, qualified leads ready to buy

…so be there to answer them.

GoSquared opens a direct line to every visitor on your website, so you can answer their questions before it's too late.

How it works.

It’s easy to start converting more visitors into leads. Just embed the GoSquared JavaScript snippet, and you’ll be talking to visitors in no time.

  • GoSquared JavaScript Snippet and Assistant on your website

    1. Embed the JavaScript snippet on your website.

    Just one tiny snippet of JavaScript gives you a fully-fledged real-time website analytics suite and powerful live chat to communicate with your visitors.

  • Live Chat Visitor Prompt

    2. Automatically prompt visitors for feedback.

    Encourage actionable feedback from your visitors. Find out why they’re not signing up and what’s holding them back with automated Chat Prompts.

  • Simplified diagram of GoSquared Live Chat Inbox

    3. Respond to questions instantly wherever you are.

    Respond to visitors while at your desk or on the go with GoSquared Inbox. Everything’s in one place so you can reply quickly with a helpful response.

Turn visitors into customers.

Your visitors are real people – so GoSquared makes it easy to see who they are. See the browsing activity that led them to get in touch, and if they leave their email address, you can even see their social profiles, job title and the company they work at.

GoSquared Customer Data Hub and Live Chat for 360 degree customer information

One definitive profile for every lead.

With a definitive understanding of every lead you can easily collaborate with sales, account management and customer service to turn visitors into customers.

GoSquared People Customer Data Hub profile view
  • Clock icon

    Close deals faster.

    Turn visitors into customers quicker than ever. Share a GoSquared People profile with your sales team and they'll have everything they need to close the sale.

    GoSquared for sales teams

  • Customer service icon

    Loop in customer service.

    Convert more visitors into leads by providing helpful answers. Customer service can help easily when they have access to the same profile of every lead.

    GoSquared for customer service

  • Workflow icon

    Improve your signup flow.

    Because GoSquared shows the actions someone took before signing up, you have all the information you need to improve your signup process.

    GoSquared for product teams

Centralise your users, contacts and signups.

GoSquared connects with all the services you already use to bring everyone connected to your business together in one place. Every newsletter signup, every sales lead, every trial user, and every loyal paying customer – all in one place.

Diagram showing all your contacts and signups in one place

Measure your marketing success.

Because GoSquared is an all-in-one platform, you have all the metrics you need to measure your marketing and conversion. Your whole team can make data-informed decisions with easy-to-use, real-time dashboards.

Screenshot of GoSquared Analytics real-time web analytics dashboard iPhone 6S with GoSquared Analytics
  • Focus on growth.

    It's hard to improve what you don't measure. That's why GoSquared gives you easy-to-understand growth metrics out of the box with no setup necessary.


    Improve your top content.

    See your most popular pages and blog posts in real-time. Get alerts for when content is popular, and focus your energy on improving your important pages.


    Turn commenters into customers.

    Instantly see when a new comment thread is unfolding, or a blog post has just gone live featuring you. Engage in conversation when it's most effective.

Hundreds of features to turn
more visitors into leads.

Most of your visitors leave and never return when they don't understand your website. Convert more visitors into leads with the power of GoSquared.


    Chat with visitors

    GoSquared enables you to communicate with your visitors, answer their questions, and turn them into customers.


    Social profiles for your leads

    All the information you need to talk to new signups with a personal message – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


    See the paths users take to sign up

    See the routes people took before signing up. You can even see if people visited multiple times before converting.


    See what drives visitors to you

    Find any user or customer in an instant with powerful search. Just type a name, email or even Twitter handle to find anyone.


    Daily email reports on web traffic

    A daily summary of your website traffic, showing your most viewed pages, sent to your inbox every morning.


    Traffic spike notifications

    Don’t be the last to know about traffic spikes and downtime on your marketing website.


    Unlimited team members

    Some services charge you by the "seat" – so you pay more for growing your team. GoSquared doesn't charge by seat, so everyone's in the loop.

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