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Thousands of happy customers.

Customers of all shapes and sizes use GoSquared every day to understand their website traffic and increase conversion from visitor to customer.

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Find visitors ready to become customers.

GoSquared Analytics shows you every visitor on your website in real-time. Qualify them as leads with key information such as their traffic source, location, and the pages they're viewing.

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Traffic sources

Instantly see what sites are sending visitors to your site and be ready to join the conversation.

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Full visitor journeys

No more guesswork – see the pages viewed and actions taken by each of your visitors in real-time.

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Without GoSquared we'd be blind. Everyone on the team uses the platform every day to check in with our users – from our sales people to our engineers and designers. It's become a core tool we simply couldn't live without.

Photo of Tom Carrington Smith, CPO of CharlieHR

Tom Carrington Smith, CPO, CharlieHR

Analytics interface - 16% bounce rate estimated for today Analytics interface - 390,625 pageviews estimated for today Analytics interface - 160,000 visitors estimated for today

Easily measure your marketing efforts.

GoSquared Analytics makes it easy to report on your website performance. Receive a simple email report every morning, and a dashboard your whole team will understand.

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Smart predictions and comparisons

Based on past performance, GoSquared automatically predicts and compares your key metrics like traffic volume and bounce rate.

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Key metrics in real-time

See how your website traffic fluctuates minute-by-minute. Traffic spikes, blips, and downtime have never been clearer to spot.

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Real-time campaign metrics New

If you already use industry standard "UTM" campaign tracking, GoSquared will report on your campaigns in real-time out of the box.

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GoSquared is our world. It’s our high level overview of traffic, activity, sources, and content. But it’s also our microscope for analysing users and our microphone for talking to them.

Photo of Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

Actionable analytics for marketing teams.

Understand and optimise your campaigns and website to increase conversion with the fully-featured, powerful, yet easy-to-use GoSquared Analytics.

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Daily email reports

Start every day with your key metrics already in your inbox. From your top traffic sources, to the day's best blog post, it's the one email you'll want to receive every morning.

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Unlimited team sharing

Data driven teams make better decisions and with GoSquared’s unlimited team sharing you can get the whole team on the same page. Analytics is no longer just for the data scientist, it’s for the whole team.

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Easy, fast installation

With plugins for all major platforms, and easy-to-read API documentation, you won't have to spend weeks waiting on developers to integrate.

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Hundreds of features for marketing.

GoSquared helps marketing teams understand and improve their key metrics.


    Gather feedback from visitors

    Answer the "why" behind your key metrics by asking visitors targeted questions using GoSquared Assistant.


    Measure Customer Acquisition Cost

    Detect the sources and campaigns driving customers to you. GoSquared shows you every channel that contributed to a signup.


    See the paths users take to sign up

    See the routes people took before signing up. You can even see if people visited multiple times before converting.


    Daily email reports on web traffic

    A daily summary of your website traffic, showing your most viewed pages, sent to your inbox every morning.


    Traffic spike notifications

    Don’t be the last to know about traffic spikes and downtime on your marketing website.


    Unlimited team members

    Some services charge you by the "seat" – so you pay more for growing your team. GoSquared doesn't charge by seat, so everyone's in the loop.

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