A big announcement.

A new name. A new company. For a new world.

2014 marks GoSquared's 8th year in business. For years, we've been asked “Why is GoSquared called GoSquared? What does GoSquared have to do with web analytics?” We even started to ask the question ourselves, which led us to a critical meeting at the beginning of January about the future of the company. We questioned our focus, our product direction, our logo, and critically, our name.

Today we're changing everything.

Today, we're introducing GoCircled, the new name for GoSquared. And with it, a new direction that we believe will lead us forward over the next 8 years.

Try the live GoCircled demo now

Already using GoSquared? Upgrade to GoCircled now by typing "circle" in any of your dashboards.

A new logo

We worked around the clock for weeks with branding agency O'Flora Display to redesign the company mark as a reflection of our evolving brand.

Why GoCircled?

Looking at the world around us, it's clear circles are a superior shape.

  • 4 sides
  • 4 corners
  • Complex
  • 1 side
  • No corners
  • 4x Simpler

The wheel

A breakthrough in travel.

  • Hard to move.
  • Does not turn.
  • Easy to move.
  • Circles turn.


An easily-divisible edible delight.

  • Hard to divide evenly.
  • Uneven share of icing.
  • Easily divisible.
  • Fair share of icing for all.


Life's more fun when things are round.

And now: The GoSquaredCircled Dashboard

Because our eyes are round, we found our customers have been missing many valuable insights that simply couldn't be reached in the corners of our square widgets. That's why today we're introducing a hole new dashboard.

  • Data in corners of widgets.
  • Interface fits on the screen, not your field of vision.
  • No corners, so no missed insights.
  • Widgets tailored for easy readability.

Try GoCircled Today

GoCircled is here now. Try the entirely new dashboard today.

Try the live GoCircled demo now