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GoSquared Assistant 3.0 - Messaging for makers. | Product Hunt
  • 🛎

    Convert Visitors

    Answer any question in an instant and set up Prompts to nudge customers at exactly the right moment.

  • 🥅

    Capture Leads

    Prompt visitors to drop their email or start a conversation. We do the heavy lifting to qualify and prioritise them.

  • 👋

    Onboard New Users

    Customise your onboarding flow in-app with knowledge base search, Prompts, and a direct line to your customers.

  • 😍

    Delight customers

    Put your customers first by offering multiple solutions to suit every customer, and every way of interacting.

Turn casual visitors into excited users.

Grow the right way. Smart, tailored, automations add to, and never detract from, your product or site.

Capture leads effortlessly with GoSquared Assistant
Capture leads effortlessly with GoSquared Assistant

Turn conversations into conversions.

Multiply your results by letting Assistant take on the heavy lifting. Our real-time behavioural data informs your sales process and prioritises your customers.

Onboard users personally, at scale.

Guide your new customers through your product with effectively designed CTAs and custom Prompts. Reaching more people, personally.

Send perfectly timed, engaging in-app messages with GoSquared Assistant and GoSquared Automation
Give customers the help they need with knowledge base search

Delight customers with 24/7 support.

Introducing knowledge base search. Because the best support is not needing to get in touch at all.

Assistant gets more powerful every day.

GoSquared grows with you. We’re always shipping improvements to help you grow – like these most recent updates.

Customise Assistant


Assistant is available in one colour – yours. Match the Assistant Button, key interface elements, and your message bubbles to sit perfectly with your brand.

Accessible for all


No one should be held back when reaching out to the businesses they want to engage with. We've enhanced Assistant to focus on accessibility, so text is easier to read. Good accessibility is better for everyone.

Beautiful Assistant

Beautifully crafted

We’ve revisited every pixel of Assistant to update the look and feel for you and your visitors. From refinements to spacing, to brighter colours, to delightful animations – Assistant is better than ever to look at, and to use.

GoSquared Assistant – speed is a feature

Faster Fastest

When your customer is ready, Assistant is too. We are obsessed with making Assistant the lightest, fastest chat widget available. Don’t settle for another product that will slow you down.

People, not tickets

People, not tickets

Your visitors and users are people – so treat them as people, not tickets. Assistant adapts to ensure conversations remain fluid as your users move through their journey with your business.

Live Translate

Don’t limit your growth to your own region or language. Real-time Live Translate allows you to talk with any customer, anywhere without borders getting in the way.

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But wait, that's not all!

  • Convert Visitors

    • Exit-intent Prompts
    • Page engagement Prompts
    • Lead Capture Prompts
    • Out-of-office Lead Capture
    • Lead Capture Chat Bot
    • Call-to-Action Prompts
  • Onboard New Users

    • In-app Messaging
    • Visitor -> User Stitching
    • Continuous Thread
    • iOS SDK
    • Edit Button Position
    • Office Hours
  • Delight customers

    • Knowledge Base Search
    • Response Time Chat Bot
    • Live Translate
    • Chat Transcripts
    • Secure Mode
  • And more…

    • Language Detection
    • File Attachments
    • Video Embeds
    • Invisible Mode
    • Live Chat API
    • White Label

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