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See every user, lead, and customer in one place.

With a real-time connection to your existing tools and services, GoSquared is the definitive place to connect with the people you care about in your business.

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All your contacts in one place.

GoSquared integrates with your lead-gen forms, signup pages, and other external tools to bring all your contacts, leads and customers together in one searchable place for your whole team.

People CRM

How it works.

Engage with prospects on a personal level to close more sales. Getting set up is easy – import your leads and we’ll do the rest.

  • 1. Add your leads to GoSquared when they sign up.

    Send new users into GoSquared when they sign up for your trial or newsletter, or import them as a CSV. It's easy to get started, and we're here to help you.

  • 2. Your leads are automatically enriched with helpful data.

    GoSquared searches the web for helpful information such as social profiles and company details for every lead so you can see who's behind every email address.

  • 3. Engage personally and close more deals.

    When you know who you're talking to, you can engage more personally and confidently with every lead. You'll be closing deals faster than ever.

“Without GoSquared we'd be blind. Everyone on the team uses GoSquared every day to check in with our users – from our sales people to our engineers and designers. It's become one of our core tools we simply couldn't live without.”
– Tom Carrington Smith, CPO, CharlieHR

Find and qualify your best leads. Automatically.

Gather all the info you need to effectively prioritise sales outreach. Automatically categorise leads based on their browsing behaviour, social influence, company size and more.

A unified profile for every lead.

GoSquared gives you the definitive understanding of every lead so you can easily collaborate with sales, account management and customer service.

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  • Loop in customer service.

    Convert more visitors into leads by providing helpful answers. Customer service can help easily when they have access to the same profile of every lead.

    GoSquared for customer service

  • Close deals faster.

    Turn visitors into customers quicker than ever. Share a People CRM profile with everyone on your team and they'll have everything they need to close the sale.

  • Seamless transitions.

    Because GoSquared centralises all the browsing activity, emails, and actions a lead has taken, you can easily pass leads between marketing, sales and support.

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Hundreds of features to enable your team to close more sales.

Say no to manual data entry. Say hello to the intelligent CRM. Increase your productivity and close more sales today with GoSquared.


    Auto-updated profiles

    Every lead profile is automatically updated with the latest activity – see browsing activity, the emails they've received, and more.


    Social profiles for your users

    All the information you need to talk to new signups with a personal message – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


    Alert your team to new leads

    Send new leads into Slack so anyone on the team can jump on opportunities and celebrate sales deals closing.


    Unlimited team members

    Some services charge you more for growing your team. GoSquared ensures everyone on the team is in the loop.

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