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Delight your customers with 21st century service.

Customer service software tailored for SaaS businesses. Personal live chat, powerful team inbox, and a unified view of every customer.

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Your customers don't like waiting…

Slow replies and multiple email exchanges back and forth frustrate customers and make them unhappy.

…so give better answers, faster.

Ask fewer questions and respond with a helpful reply faster than ever. Use GoSquared to get the full picture instantly about every customer.

Respond faster with GoSquared Chat and People
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Cut your response time in half.

Customer Data Hub puts all the information you need about every customer together in one beautiful, easy-to-use profile.


See the social profiles of your customers

GoSquared automatically fetches company information, social profiles, and even avatars for each of your customers, so you can see who you're talking to.


See the full browsing sessions of customers

GoSquared shows you the actions that people took on your site before getting in touch, so you have more details to help find a solution faster.


See the devices your customers are using

See which browser, operating system, and device your customers are using so you can discover issues faster.

“GoSquared gives us easy access to all the information we need on our users in real-time. It's essential for keeping on top of our userbase and making our users happier.”
– Alysia Wanczyk, Seedrs
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Solve problems before they hit your inbox.

Jump on issues before they consume your support team’s time. Real-time analytics on your knowledge base means you gain visibility into problems before your customers even ask.

  • Real-time analytics for your knowledge base

    Beautiful, easy-to-use, real-time analytics shows you what articles are popular. Use GoSquared Analytics for a real-time overview, and to see stats for any day, week or month.


    Stay in the loop with real-time traffic spike alerts

    With the GoSquared Slack integration, you'll get notified about every traffic spike, every traffic dip, and any user activity you need to know about.


    Promote your most popular help articles

    Use the GoSquared API to promote popular help articles to visitors. Developers can harness the power of the GoSquared analytics engine in their own projects.

Thousands of happy customers.

Customers of all shapes and sizes use GoSquared every day to talk to their customers and deliver better customer service.

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Hundreds of features to bring you
closer to your customers.

No more switching between tools to get answers. Put all your customer information together in one place with GoSquared.


    Cross-device customer insights

    Desktop, mobile, tablet. GoSquared helps you understand your users no matter where they are.


    Social profiles for your users

    All the information you need to provide your customers with a personal response – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


    Easily integrate with 750+ other services

    GoSquared integrates directly with all the services you know and love, and 100s more via Zapier.

  • Instant user search

    Find any user or customer in an instant with powerful search. Just type a name, email or even Twitter handle to find anyone.


    Daily email reports

    A daily summary of your knowledge base traffic, showing your most viewed articles, sent to your inbox every morning.


    Traffic spike notifications

    Don’t be the last to know about traffic spikes and dips on your knowledge base. Get an email alert about traffic spikes instantly.


    Unlimited team members

    Some services charge you more for growing your team. GoSquared ensures everyone on the team is in the loop.

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