The power of enterprise-ready real-time analytics in your hands.

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GoSquared analytics platform - the building blocks for your analytics projects

Thinking of building an analytics backend?

Think again.

GoSquared is a platform, not just an app. Utilise the powerful real-time analytics engine under the hood of GoSquared through the Live API and automatically create user accounts and partition data pragmatically using GoSquared's suite of platform tools designed and engineered for developers.

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Designed to be easy. Engineered to scale.

GoSquared is easy to pick up, and grows with you.

Building data visualisations, content-shifting integrations, and custom dashboards is easy with the simplicity of the GoSquared API. Even better, it's great knowing that GoSquared scales to handle billions of pageviews and events every month, so you can be sure you won't outgrow the platform.

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Scale from the garage to the skies with the GoSquared analytics platform
Use GoSquared Timeline to deploy with more confidence

Deploy with more confidence.

See your quietest times of the day and week.

Pick the best time to deploy changes and updates with minute-by-minute real-time data. Establish when the fewest people are online and deploy with (more) confidence.

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Spot issues before they're problems.

Real-time feedback for when it matters most.

Significantly high traffic? Just pushed out some "fixes"? Check GoSquared to ensure everything is performing just how your customers expect. No need to wait a second. View current visitor sessions to gain evidence what people are doing right now.

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Use GoSquared Timeline to deploy with more confidence
Ignore individual visitors in GoSquared to avoid pollution of your stats

Prevent colleagues from polluting stats.

Ignore individual visitors in GoSquared.

GoSquared is the only analytics service that allows you to easily hide specific visitors from showing up in your stats. When you're working in a busy office, hiding everyone under one IP address can often lead to losing a lot of valuable usage data.