GoSquared API and Documentation

Learn how to integrate GoSquared’s APIs with your website, web apps, mobile apps, and server-side code.

Getting Started

GoSquared provides a Tracking API to send data to GoSquared, and multiple APIs for retrieving data in different forms – the Now and Trends APIs. We also have an Account API for performing actions on your GoSquared user account.

Tracking API

The Tracking API allows you to track your visitors, users and customers on any platform or device. To get the most out of GoSquared, you need to integrate the Tracking API wherever you interact with your users.

  • Use the JavaScript Tracking Code for website Analytics and Assistant.
  • For server-side apps, use our official node.js, Ruby Client, Rails Gem or PHP modules.
  • For tracking users on native mobile iOS applications, use our iOS SDK.
  • For other languages you you can interact with the GoSquared API via Segment. GoSquared integrates seamlessly with Segment, and Segment supports all popular languages and platforms. Take a look at their libraries and plugins.

We’ve put together an integration guide to walk you through the process.

The Now and Trends APIs give you programmatic access to all of the data you’ll find in our Now, Trends and Ecommerce apps. Use these APIs to bring data into your own apps and services, and to build your own data visualisations on top of GoSquared’s data.

Head over to the full API reference to grab all the information you need to build something amazing using GoSquared data. Check out GoSquared Labs for some data viz inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas.

Getting help & updates

We’re always happy to help you get set up with GoSquared. If you’re stuck, want to find out more or need to speak to us, see the support centre.

Developer mailing list

We’re always pushing updates to our integration tools and APIs, so we run a developer mailing list where we keep you up to date on our latest work.

To be in the know of new features and updates as soon as they happen, join our mailing list and get access to betas and features before they launch.