Most of the GoSquared API requires authentication credentials. Sometimes you'll only need an API Key, other times you might also need to specify the token for the project.

It depends on the function being used, but usually you'll need to specify the following parameters:

api_keyAn API Key associated with your account. You can manage your API keys under the API Access section of your account settings
site_tokenThe token for the project you are retrieving data for. You can find this by navigating to Settings > Current Project > General.

API Key Scopes

When you create an API Key for your account, you can choose to grant it a set of scopes which indicate what permissions are associated with that API Key. Scopes restrict access for a particular API Key to specific sections of the API, and prevent applications from accessing, tracking or modifying data when they shouldn't.

Your API Key must be included with all requests and in most cases the site_token as well.

POST /tracking/v1/?api_key=demo&site_token=GSN-106863-S 

Data should be POSTed to the API endpoint in JSON format. Remember to include the Content-Type: application/json header.