Error Codes

If there is an error with your query in anyway the API will respond with a valid HTTP error code and will only respond with 200 when the request has completed successfully.

If there has been an error, the server will respond in a format similar to this:

    "code": 4000,
    "message": "Error 4000: Some extra information about what went wrong and how it may be possible to rectify the problem"

Function Error Codes

Error codes of 7000 and above are function specific error codes. If you receive these errors, please see the error codes listed on function documentation pages to learn about what the error means. If that doesn't help, please contact us for support.

Internal Error Codes

5xxx error codes, or an error code of 0, indicate an internal or unknown error which is a due to a problem with the GoSquared service. If you ever encounter these error codes, please let us know and we'll get it fixed up.

Global Error Codes

4xxx error codes describe problems with user input or the request from the client. Usually, these are problems you can correct yourself:

4000Omitted parameter. Please view the specific function documentation for more information.
4001API key not authorised for site
4002Request rate limit exceeded
4003Invalid parameter
4004Invalid parameter value