Retrieve list of platforms


Retrieves a list of the different platforms that currently online visitors are using, sorted by the number of visitors per platform.

Query String Parameters


StringDefault Value: 0,5

The maximum number of results e.g. 10 to return with an optional offset e.g. 5,10


StringDefault Value: truncatedList

Accepted values: truncatedList, list, truncatedObject, object

Modifies the response data structure

  • truncatedList: A list of items including the sum of "other" values
  • list: A list of items
  • truncatedObject: A key:value object of item:count including the sum of "other" values
  • object: A key:value object of item:count
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Example Request

var GoSquared = require('gosquared');
var gosquared = new GoSquared({
  api_key: 'demo',
  site_token: 'GSN-106863-S'
});, res) {
  if (err) return console.log(err);

Live Responseundefined undefined

Your API Key is not authorised for this endpoint

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