The People API provides the data for our People and powers its searching and grouping functionality. You can use the People API to access all of the Smart Groups you have configured or create your own filters and queries using the power of People's search.

People and searching

The /people endpoint gives you access to all of your tracked users. You can filter and search through them as well as access them individually via their ID.

Smart Groups

The easiest way to manage and filter your users is using the filter UI in the People dashboard. Save the filter as a Smart Group so that you can use the API to quickly get the members of that group.

Feed of Events

When viewing a profile in the People you can see all of their interactions with your product from pageviews to custom events and integrations such as MailChimp or Zendesk. With the Person's Feed endpoint you can retrieve this same information and even search event names.


The Devices endpoint allows you to retrieve the device information for each user, giving you a better understanding of what technology they use to interact with your product. This rich information can allow you to build better experiences for your customers.