The GoSquared API is strictly versioned using the rules of Semantic Versioning.

Version Guarantee

When a version of the API is released as stable, its interface will not change in a backwards-incompatible way until it is eventually decommissioned. We will continue to make fixes, improvements and additions as appropriate, but this will never change the way the API behaves for functionality already implemented. You can therefore be confident that for as long as a version of the API remains active and supported, applications built on it will continue to work.

Pre-release versions

From time-to-time, we may publicly enable access to alpha and beta versions of the API for early adopters and those willing to test. Functionality in these versions is unstable and may be subject to change.

API News

We will always announce status changes to API versions, such as new versions, deprecations and end of life. You'll find news about this on Twitter and the GoSquared Engineering blog.

The version must be included with each request to the API just after the api name. This ensures that you are always referring to the correct version with no unexpected behaviour as new versions are released.