Why GoSquared Analytics?

Faster. Simpler. More obvious. Take more action in less time with GoSquared.

Who's on your site right now?

The most powerful real-time analytics dashboard.

GoSquared's state-of-the-art analytics platform ensures you can spot traffic spikes and issues the instant they occur. GoSquared shows you what's happening on your site in real real-time.

Act now. When it still matters.

This isn't about vanity. GoSquared helps you fix mistakes that may lose conversions, customers and money - such as forgetting to proof read your landing page, or sending an email out with a broken link.

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One click analytics.

Become an analytics pro in minutes.

Other analytics services require you to pick up a training manual before you can use them. GoSquared gives you everything you need in the most intuitive interface you've ever used.

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One click analytics - select any time frame you need quicker

Visitors are people.

Find out who is using your site. Engage with them.

GoSquared Visitor Analytics goes beyond graphs and charts to show you the people on your site, reading your blog and using your app. Understand what is happening like never before.

Spot visitors having issues before they leave. Find potential customers in your checkout process before they drop out. Connect with the people on your site to turn visitors into customers, using GoSquared.

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Live Chat

GoSquared integrates with popular live chat service Olark so you can reach out and chat with your visitors in real-time. Never before has it been this easy to convert visitors into customers.

Visitor Tagging

Manual and automatic visitor tagging means you can see beyond basic metrics and understand the real value (and cost) of every visitor on your site.

Ecommerce Analytics – measure your webstore in real-time with GoSquared


Ecommerce Analytics – act now, sell more.

Real-time ecommerce analytics made simple.

Measure conversion rate, revenue, average order value and more in real-time. Dive deeper into your web store, and see which marketing channels are performing best so you can convert more customers and save more time.

Combine Now, Trends, and Ecommerce to gain unprecedented insights into how your ecommerce store is performing. It's never been this easy to run an online store.

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Never miss a beat. Or a Tweet.

Understand the true impact of social media.

GoSquared has tight integration with top social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Dribbble for designers.

GoSquared's social media analytics integration ensures you're never out of the loop and can always join the conversation when it matters most - right now.

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Comparisons in GoSquared - easily compare your important metrics with other time periods
Daily Reports - a summary of your website performance in your email inbox every day

New + Improved

Daily Reports – GoSquared in your inbox.

A summary of your performance delivered every morning.

You can access GoSquared any time on any device, but nothing beats waking up every morning to a Daily Report showing what happened on your site the day before.

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Insights for each and every team member.

GoSquared is for everyone, not just the data scientist.

Not only is GoSquared the most intuitive web analytics tool out there, but team sharing is built in from day one. Invite everyone in your team to use GoSquared - the CEO, developers, designers and even sales.

Each team member can customise GoSquared to fit their needs - hide the widgets that aren't needed and prioritise the information that matters most. Best of all, because GoSquared is so easy to use you'll be up and running in minutes rather than days.

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GoSquared is designed to bring analytics to everyone on your team. Invite your CEO, CMO, and CFO now.
The best engagement metrics - understand how visitors are engaging with your content in real-time

Post-pageview analytics.

Are people engaged by the content you're creating?

For years, the industry standard has been to measure "hits" or "pageviews", with little regard for whether people actually engaged in the content they were seeing. GoSquared is designed for the modern web, where websites can be a single page and entire applications never need a page refresh.

GoSquared measures visitor engagement to understand the time people spend reading, scrolling, typing, and interacting with your site, so you can see what content is really working.

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Automatically adapt your site in real-time.

GoSquared is a platform, not just a dashboard.

GoSquared's powerful real-time engine is available for you the moment you sign up. Every piece of information you see in GoSquared, and more, is available through the GoSquared API.

Use the GoSquared API to automatically adapt pages depending on the visitors viewing them. Show translated content to visitors from Italy, and offer discounts to visitors who return more than twice. With the GoSquared API, the only limit is your imagination.

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