GoSquared & Slack

Traffic spikes and user notifications sent straight to Slack.

GoSquared BOT 09:41
Carl Fredrickson viewed Enterprise Pricing Send a Live Chat message
James 09:42
you seen this @sinead?
Sinead 09:43
yeah, I'm going to ping him a message about a demo
James 09:53
awesome πŸ™Œ

User Notifications

  • Monitor Feature Adoption

    Just released a new feature? Get notified in Slack when your people start using it, and if they stop using it.

  • Spot Troubled Customers

    Want to reach out to customers when it matters most? Proactively send them a Live Chat message when they sign up.

GoSquared BOT 11:58
My Awesome Site has 212 visitors online View Dashboard
GoSquared BOT 11:46
My Less Awesome Site has 0 visitors online View Dashboard
GoSquared BOT 12:12
My Other Awesome Site has 166 visitors online View Dashboard

Traffic Notifications

  • Traffic Spike Notifications

    Just been mentioned on a popular blog? GoSquared will notify you in Slack immediately with a traffic spike alert.

  • Low Traffic Notifications

    Updated your site with a broken homepage? Receive notifications in Slack with a low traffic alert so you can react immediately.

“With the new GoSquared Slack integration the team is aware of vital customer behaviour as it happens.”
Charles Thiede, CEO and Co-Founder at Zapnito

GoSquared is used by thousands of great companies including:

  • Land Rover
  • Baremetrics
  • Delivery Hero
  • Ghost
  • Post NL
  • Panic
  • Jaguar
  • Tennessee Government

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