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Live Chat + Team Inbox

Answer your visitors' questions.

GoSquared Live Chat and Team Inbox help you capture more leads and win customers by providing answers personally and instantly.

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14 day free trial. Super simple integration. Cancel any time.

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Every visitor is a potential customer.

You wouldn't run a real shop without anyone at the counter. So why run your website this way?

Be there for every visitor, with Live Chat. Answer questions and give assistance to convert more visitors into customers.

Start your unlimited 14 day free trial

Super simple integration. Cancel any time.

Increase conversion

People visit your website every day and struggle to find what they need. If you're not present, they're likely to leave and never come back.

Build relationships

Messaging with your visitors and customers is faster, easier, and more natural than speaking over email.

Gather feedback

You might as well build a wall between you and your customers, if you still force people to email you or jump on the phone.

A friendly assistant for your visitors

A messaging experience your visitors want to use.

No barriers

Most live chat tools ask visitors to fill in fields before they can start a conversation. GoSquared cuts out the barriers and only asks for key details when it suits the visitor.

Learn more about GoSquared Assistant

Beautiful messaging experience

We've designed GoSquared Live Chat to look and feel great for your visitors. We're always improving the experience too – so it gets better every day.

Give visitors a nudge

Proactively start focused conversations.

Chat Prompts

Want feedback on your pricing page? Want to understand if people have any questions about your new landing page?

Set up tailored Chat Prompts to engage visitors, capture leads, and win customers.

Thousands of happy customers.

Customers of all shapes and sizes use GoSquared every day to talk to their customers and deliver better customer service.

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Work with your team

Collaborate to convert visitors into customers.

Real-time messaging

Everything in GoSquared is real-time – every number, every graph, and now every message and customer.

Full visitor history

Because of the powerful analytics engine under-the-hood, you'll see every action that led up to the conversation.

Social profiles

GoSquared automatically looks up social and company information, so you can see exactly who you're speaking with.

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Designed for multitasking

Whether working independently or as a team, GoSquared Inbox makes it easy to see who's dealing with what, and which customer need urgent attention.

Internal notes

Why did you give Jessica a refund in February? Add a note to any conversation to ensure you never forget, and to help your team collaborate more effectively.

User information on hand

GoSquared Inbox is tightly integrated with People CRM. You'll always have the key information you need to help customers quickly and personally.

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Live Translate

Automatically translate messages between your leads and your team so you can speak any language fluently.

Icon for Saved Replies in GoSquared Inbox

Saved Replies

Save your team time, answers questions consistently, and get back to leads faster with Saved Replies.

Icon for Live Chat Transcripts in GoSquared

Chat Transcripts

Effortlessly send a downloadable transcript of your live chat conversation in a few clicks.

Unified customer profiles

GoSquared intelligently stitches sessions together to show a unified profile for every customer – from their very first visit.

Zapier integration

The possibilities are endless when you connect GoSquared to Zapier. See what you can do on our Zapier page.

Slack integration

Connect GoSquared with Slack to receive notifications every time your visitors and customers message you.

Expandable for developers

Install on your website in minutes.

Tiny JavaScript snippet

The GoSquared JavaScript Snippet is more advanced and smaller than any other live chat tool out there. And it can power your analytics too – with no extra code required.

Native iOS SDK

Include the GoSquared iOS SDK in your apps for beautiful, native, real-time instant messaging with your users. Get the iOS SDK on GitHub.

Do more in code

If you want to trigger Live Chat off your own interface elements, and customise specific functions, you can do with a growing array of customisation options.

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    Segment Integration

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    Google Tag Manager

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    Ruby Gem

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    Node Library

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    PHP Client

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    iOS SDK

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    Swift Library

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    Angular JS Client

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14 day free trial. Super simple integration. Cancel any time.

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