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A complete tool kit to validate and grow your indie project, for free.

  • Real-time Web Analytics.

  • Analytics

    Real-time analytics for your website – measure and improve your digital marketing efforts.

  • Intelligent Lead Capture.

  • Lead Capture

    Trigger an intelligent Prompt to capture 20% more leads, based on a visitors behaviour.

  • Chat to visitors with Assistant.


    The GoSquared messenger for your website – chat with website visitors and users of your product.

  • Team Inbox.

    Team Inbox

    A shared inbox for your team on desktop, iOS, and Android, so you can personally message your visitors and customers.

  • User insights with the Customer Data Hub.

  • Know everything about every user

    See every pageview from the first moment they land, all tracked automatically.

  • Premium Growth Content.

    Premium Growth Content

    Get access and advice from some of the biggest thought leaders in SaaS on how to grow your business.

  • 1 x Seat.

  • 1 x Project.

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Grow your SaaS business with our suite of integrated products.

From £79 /mo

  • Everything in free plus...

  • Unlimited Marketing Automations.

    Unlimited Marketing Automations

    Powerful in-app and email marketing automation, triggered by your users real-time behaviour.

    The right message, to the right person, at the right time - for better results.

  • Live Translation.

    Real-time live translation

    Communicate with any customer in any language with real time message and email translation.

  • Lead Enrichment.

    Enriched Lead Data

    Each lead is enriched with publicly availably information associated with their email address.

    Qualify leads quicker with enriched data like their job title, company name and company size.

  • Real-time Visitors Dashboard.

    Real-time visitor view

    See every individual visitor on your site in real-time and their associated behaviour.

    Reach out to high value leads from the Visitors Dashboard with proactive chat.

  • 1,000+ Integrations

  • Unlimited Seats

  • Unlimited projects.

    Unlimited projects

    You don't need to set up multiple accounts to use GoSquared on all your projects.

    On the GoSquared Suite plan you can use GoSquared on as many websites as you need. Each website is totally separate – with its own team and settings.

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Early Stage

A light version of the GoSquared Suite plan, for eligible early stage start ups, at a fixed price for your first year.

Just £29 /mo

  • Everything in free plus...

  • Powerful Marketing Automation.

  • Enriched Lead Data.

  • Real-time Visitors Dashboard.

  • 1,000+ Integrations.

  • 3 x Seats.

  • 2 x Projects.

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Alternatively, start with one product:


Understand your digital marketing with easy-to-use website analytics.

  • Real-time Now dashboard.

    Now dashboard

    See what's happening right now with the world's most accurate real-time website analytics dashboard.

  • Historical Trends dashboard.

    Trends dashboard

    Gain an instant overview of your website performance without any hassle.

  • Email Reports.

  • Powerful Analytics API.

  • GDPR compliant.

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Live Chat

Generate leads and engage with more customers with GoSquared Assistant.

  • Assistant live chat widget.

    GoSquared Assistant

    The intelligent assistant for your website for lead capture, feedback, and live chat.

  • Team Inbox.

    Team Inbox

    A shared inbox for your team on desktop, iOS, and Android, so you can personally message your visitors and customers.

  • Prompts to proactively engage visitors.

  • View real-time insights on visitors.

  • Automatic Lead Enrichment.

  • Chat Transcripts.

    Chat Transcripts

    Easily download a transcript so your customers and your team can keep a local copy of the conversation.

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Marketing Automation

Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Acquire leads with Prompts.

  • Build relationships with Messages.

  • Convert deals with Sequences.

  • Delight customers with Broadcasts.

  • Send Emails to your audience.

  • Get personal with real-time Variables.

Available as part of Suite

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Compare plans and pricing.

What's included?Free TierAnalyticsLive ChatSuiteEnterprise
Monthly PriceFreeFrom £29From £29From £79From £499
Maximum Profiles10010,00010,000Scale up to any volume
Maximum Monthly Pageviews1,00010m-10mScale up to any volume


Every website or app you want to use GoSquared on can be added as a separate project in GoSquared – all managed under one account.


Team Sharing

You can invite as many colleagues as you like to your account. GoSquared is better when you use it with your team.

Now DashboardCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Trends DashboardCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Maximum Concurrent Visitors1,00010,00010,00010,000Scale up to any volume
API accessCheck markCheck markCheck markAdvanced
Raw Data ExportCheck mark
Ecommerce AnalyticsCheck mark
Embeddable DashboardsCheck mark
Projects OverviewCheck mark
Live Chat
GoSquared AssistantCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Team InboxCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Respond to visitors, leads, and customers on the go with GoSquared Inbox for iOS and Android.

Check markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Download Chat TranscriptsCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Language Auto DetectionCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Lead / Profile EnrichmentCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Saved RepliesCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Language Auto DetectionCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Lead CaptureCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Out of OfficeCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Response TimesCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Edit Lead PropertiesCheck markCheck markCheck mark
API accessCheck mark
Remove GoSquared brandingCheck mark
Live TranslateCheck mark
Marketing Automation
Access to Template LibraryCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
In-app MessagingCheck markCheck mark
Email SendingCheck markCheck mark
SequencesCheck markCheck mark
BroadcastsCheck markCheck mark
Customer Data Hub
Access to Customer Data HubCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Smart GroupsCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Filter by URLCheck markCheck mark
Customer Data APICheck markCheck mark
Salesforce IntegrationCheck mark
Two-factor AuthenticationCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Security, compliance, and billing integration managementCheck mark
Knowledge base supportCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Email supportCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Live Chat supportCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Phone supportCheck mark
Dedicated Integration AssistanceCheck mark
Account ManagementCheck mark
Access to beta programsCheck markCheck mark

Frequently asked questions.

How does GoSquared's pricing work?

When you create a GoSquared account, you're automatically placed on the GoSquared free tier.

You can choose to upgrade and use the premium GoSquared Analytics plan from £29 / month, the premium GoSquared Live Chat plan from £29 / month, or the full GoSquared Suite from £79 / month. Your price will depend on what features you want to use, and your usage volume.

We offer GoSquared Enterprise for larger businesses who require more assistance with setup, training, and roll out.

What is a "profile"?

A profile is a lead or contact that you choose to store in the GoSquared Customer Data Hub. You can see their information (like their name or email address), what they’ve been browsing and their conversation history.

A profile may be created when somebody registers for your service (becomes a customer), or when a visitor starts a Live Chat conversation with you. Learn more about profiles.

What is a "project"?

Each website or app you want to use GoSquared on can be added as a separate project in GoSquared – all managed under one account. Each project can have its own team and settings and is totally isolated from your other projects.

Is there any limit to the number of seats / team-mates I can add?

Each plan has its own respective limits. Our GoSquared Suite and Enterprise plans offer unlimited seats.

Will I be charged automatically if I exceed the free tier limits?

No. There's no need to enter your credit card up front, so you're in control. You choose whether to upgrade your GoSquared account and you can cancel any time.

Do prices include tax?

The actual price of your subscription will vary depending on your billing cycle (annual vs monthly), and the tax payable in the region you're based. The prices shown are exclusive of tax such as VAT.

What's is GoSquared Enterprise?

Large businesses typically have much higher traffic volumes and have different needs to smaller businesses.

GoSquared Enterprise gives large businesses custom tools and the dedicated assistance needed to scale up to high traffic volumes.

Learn more about GoSquared Enterprise

GoSquared is our world. It’s our high level overview of traffic, activity, sources, and content. But it’s also our microscope for analysing users and our microphone for talking to them.

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Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

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