GoSquared is $99/month.

Not per-seat. Not per-contact. Not per-site. Just $99/month total.

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How GoSquared compares to the alternatives.

Without GoSquared

A bunch of different, disconnected tools taped together.

  • Live chat tool

    From $9 per user per month.

  • Marketing automation

    From $49. Scales as you add more contacts.

  • CRM

    From $49 per "seat".

  • Dashboarding software

    $49 per month.

  • Google Analytics training course

    $199 one time fee.

For a team of 5:

$339 / month

For a team of 10:

$499 / month

For a team of 25:

$999 / month


One beautifully powerful platform, one simple price.

  • GoSquared

    $99 per month.

  • Intelligent live chat
  • Customer intelligence
  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Real-time website analytics
  • Robust APIs for your dev team
  • Handy mobile apps

For your whole team:

$99 / month

Getting started is easy.

Stop wasting your traffic. Totally unlimited 14 day free trial.

Start your 14 day free trial

Frequently asked questions.

Can I use GoSquared for free?

When you create a GoSquared account, you're automatically placed on an unlimited, fully-featured 14 day free trial.

At the end of your trial, you can use GoSquared for $99 / month, or move to GoSquared Enterprise if you're a large business.

Will my price go up?

With other tools, it costs more to add team members, or add more contacts. We don't do that. No matter how many new customers you win, you can keep paying your flat fee each month.

What's the difference between GoSquared and GoSquared Enterprise?

Large businesses typically have much higher traffic volumes and have different needs to smaller businesses.

GoSquared Enterprise gives large businesses custom tools and the dedicated assistance needed to scale up to high traffic volumes.

Learn more about GoSquared Enterprise

Is there any limit to the number of team-mates I can add?

No, you can add as many team-mates/agents/seats as you need too. We want your whole team to benefit from using GoSquared.

Will I be charged automatically at the end of my trial?

No. There's no need to enter your credit card up front, so you're in control. At the end of your trial, you choose whether to upgrade your GoSquared account, and you can cancel any time.

Do these prices include tax?

The actual price of your subscription will vary depending on your billing cycle (annual vs monthly), and the tax payable in whatever region you are based. The prices shown are exclusive of tax such as VAT.

Getting started is easy.

Stop wasting your traffic. Totally unlimited 14 day free trial.

Start your 14 day free trial

GoSquared is our world. It’s our high level overview of traffic, activity, sources, and content. But it’s also our microscope for analysing users and our microphone for talking to them.

Photo of Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt


Without GoSquared we'd be blind. Everyone on the team uses the platform every day to check in with our users – from our sales people to our engineers and designers. It's become a core tool we simply couldn't live without.

Photo of Tom Carrington Smith, CPO of CharlieHR

Tom Carrington Smith, CPO, CharlieHR