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GoSquared Tracking

GoSquared tracking includes Now, Trends and Ecommerce Analytics. A data point is classified as a single pageview, event or transaction.

Data PointsMonthly Cost
500,000,000+Contact us

People Analytics

People Analytics helps you understand your users in real-time, with search, filtering and much more. It is an add on to GoSquared tracking.

PeopleMonthly Cost
6,000,000+Contact us

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Frequently asked questions

What is included out of the box?

On every GoSquared plan, you get:

  • Now — the world's best real-time analytics dashboard.
  • Trends — instant historical stats and traffic growth predictions.
  • Beautiful, simple Daily Reports of website traffic performance.
  • Unlimited access to the most powerful and elegant analytics API.
  • Track unlimited sites under your one GoSquared account.
  • Invite and share your GoSquared data with unlimited colleagues.

What happens if I exceed my usage quota?

GoSquared will continue to track all your data so you never miss a beat. Any pageviews, transactions or users that are tracked above your plan limits will be charged at the same rate as your chosen plan and added onto your next month's invoice.

What counts as a “user” in the People limit?

A "user" is anyone who is identified with a unique profile in People Analytics. Anyone you identify as a user in GoSquared will count towards your People Analytics usage quota. You are billed for the total number of users in People Analytics.

Can I track events with GoSquared?

Of course! GoSquared can track and store events right from the start.

Will GoSquared slow down my site?

Absolutely not. GoSquared uses highly optimised tracking technology that is faster and smaller than the industry standard.

Can I use GoSquared with other analytics services?

Yes you can — GoSquared won't interfere with any other services you're using on your sites.

When will I be billed?

At the end of your 14 day unlimited usage free trial, you can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly cycle. GoSquared charges at the start of each cycle.

If you exceed your plan's limits, any charges above your normal plan limits are billed at the start of your next monthly cycle. If you are paying annually and exceed your plan limits, any charges will be billed at the start of the following month.

What is VAT and how is it charged?

European Union Value Added Tax is added onto all sales to customers in the EU. VAT is charged at the rate of the customer's country. VAT will be excluded from sales to non-UK business customers on provision of a valid VAT number. For more information on VAT please visit our support centre.

What payment methods do you accept?

GoSquared accepts all major credit and debit cards through our secure online billing system. GoSquared plans exceeding a value of $10,000 or £6,000 a month qualify for invoicing and alternative payment methods.

I still have questions, what should I do?

Our support centre is packed with useful information. If you still have questions you can message us via the super centre to speak to a human.