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Marketing and design resources from GoSquared.


  • Turning visitors into customers

    A no-nonsense guide to increasing conversion on your website, using GoSquared.


  • Browsercons

    A slick, full-featured set of sweet browser icons from 16px to 64px.

  • GoSocial

    A beautiful set of social media icons, provided at 16px and 32px sizes for your enjoyment. Includes both PNG and PSD files.

  • 2600 Flag Icon Set

    The world's best, most complete icon set, featuring thousands of high-quality flags, covering every country in the world.

  • Vector Medals

    A set of vector medals for all those competition related graphics available in vector PSD format. We deserve a Gold for these.

  • 64 Vector Arrow Icons

    Sixty-four vector arrow icons, all packaged up in one neat, tidy Adobe Illustrator file. What more could you ask for?

  • 77 Vector Buttons

    A huge collection of simple vector buttons for your site or app.

  • 165 Lovely Vector Icons

    A huge selection of vector icons representing days of blood, sweat and tears. Come to think of it, we didn't make those icons.


  • Analytics 101 for Startups

    We cover the basics of what a startup should be tracking.

  • 7 Ecommerce Trends in 2014

    We Look at the 7 top trends you need to keep your eye on in 2014.

  • How to optimise TV advertising with realtime analytics

    Learn how companies like are using GoSquared analytics to outperform the competition.

  • 20 Shopify landing pages that will inspire you

    20 beautiful hand picked Shopify ecommerce store landing pages.

  • Really Simple Cohort Analysis in Google Sheets

    Learn one of the most effective analysis techniques with this easy to read post.

Cheat Sheets

  • CSS Cheat Sheet

    Everything you’d need to know about CSS3 in handy cheat-sheet format.

  • HTML Cheat Sheet

    A one-page cheat sheet about HTML that you can stick on the wall for quick reference.

  • VI Cheat Sheet

    Introducing the VI Help Sheet for all you Linux loving developers out there.

  • Node.js Cheat Sheet

    Want to learn Node.js? Here’s the cheat sheet that’ll help, then.

  • PHP Cheat Sheet

    PHP is one of the most commonly used languages. Keep up to date with this.