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Why not just use a bunch of free tools?

We understand that as an early stage company costs are important. We also know that as you you start to grow, time becomes a lot more scarce.

GoSquared brings you all the tools you need to acquire and convert more of your site's users. 

Include simple, curated, real-time analytics  as part of your agencies offering

Provide your clients with state-of-the-art analytics under your own branding, with our embeddable dashboards

Programatically create GoSquared projects for your clients sites with our RESTful Account API 

Earn, with the ability to apply for our affiliate program

Stay on top of and manage your costs with our simple, transparent pricing

Manage unlimited projects, each with unlimited shared users, all through one dashboard

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GoSquared for Startups

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GoSquared for Startups:

Who is eligible for the Early Stage Plan?

Early Stage

Teams less than 20

What's in the box?

At GoSquared, we've used our own platfom everyday over the past 14 years to help grow our business and we want to give early stage startups the same opportunity.

Personalise the experience on your site with live chat to help you start converting more customers on your site today.

Take those insights even further by automating messaging to your customers, at the right time through the channel of your choice.

Unlimited access to our customer intelligence tool

Easily segment your users to determine your most effective acquisition channels, letting you grow even more cost-effectively.

Target your onsite users with automated real-time messaging based on their current behaviours.

Premium access to intelligent live messaging

Award Winning Analytics

Get the metrics that matter in real-time with our curated analytics dashboards.

Establish what channels are driving leads to your site and importantly what's keeping them there - without the having to use clunky reporting tools.


Taking the time to navigate between multiple tools plus the time to compile reports from multiple sources starts to make free tools a lot less, well, free


The GoSquared Early Stage Plan 

- lets you focus on growing and building your startup

- all GoSquared features included

- fixed, low price for the first year of use

Powerful Marketing Automation

Create comms strategies on a scale. Onboard new users, start conversations on the website or in-product, gather customer feedback.

Automate and optimize the customer journey. Iterate your processes, product offering and content strategy on the go.