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The powerful and intuitive analytics platform
for mobile and web.


Monitor your website.

The Now dashboard in GoSquared is always monitoring your website in real-time. From every traffic spike, to every minor blip, and everything in between. Monitor the pulse of your website with GoSquared Now – the world’s most accurate real-time analytics software.

Instant Notifications

Be there for every traffic spike, and every blip of downtime. Instant Notifications via email or Slack ensure you’re always the first to know when your website is on fire.

Minute-by-minute Timeline

See how your website traffic fluctuates minute-by-minute with Timeline in the Now dashboard. Traffic spikes, blips, and downtime have never been clearer to spot.

Traffic Sources

Instantly see when sites start sending you traffic and be ready to join the conversation. Whether it’s a Tweet, a blog post, or even just a comment – be on top of it.




Beautiful, clever reporting.

Trends and Ecommerce Analytics make it easy to report on your website performance. GoSquared gives you simple email reports sent to your inbox every morning, and a dashboard your whole team will understand.

Easy Comparisons

With no setup necessary, GoSquared compares your selected timeframe with the past, so you can see if you're up or down on your key metrics such as total pageviews, visitors and even revenue.

Smart Predictions

Based on past performance, GoSquared can help you predict the future. Trends and Ecommerce Analytics automatically give you an estimate of key metrics for the current day, week and month.

Daily Email Reports

Start every day with your key metrics already in your inbox. From your top traffic sources, to the day's revenue figures, your GoSquared Daily Report is the one email you'll want to receive every morning.

Easy Team Sharing

Data driven teams make better decisions and with GoSquared’s unlimited team sharing you can get the whole team on the same page. Analytics is no longer just for the data scientist, it’s for the whole team.


Understand your users.

GoSquared People is transforming the way teams learn from their users and customers. Gain new levels of insight into user activity and bring together user data from different tools and services into one unified interface your whole team can benefit from.

Search and filter your users and customers instantly with GoSquared People Analytics

Instant search

Whether you're dealing with a customer support case, or just trying to understand a specific user's journey a little better, you can find them in an instant.

Intuitive filtering

Every piece of information about every user can be queried in People. Easily find people based on properties (like their lifetime value) or by events they've triggered.

Smart Groups

Save commonly used sets of filters as Smart Groups so you can check back easily on groups such as "latest signups", "new customers" or "users likely to churn".

Easy export

It's easy to grab a list of your users and pull it into other tools where you can take action on the data. Now you have everything to connect with your users.


All your data. One profile

Imagine having one, definitive place to understand everything about a specific user or customer. Every pageview, every action, and all their key information in one place. That's GoSquared People.


Context on your users

Aside from showing your existing user data, GoSquared People will automatically display Twitter bios, follower counts, and even LinkedIn profiles so you can understand your users like never before.

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