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7 Tips To Improve Email Marketing ROI


Email marketing delivers average an average ROI of between $36 and $45 for every $1 spent.

If you’re looking at those numbers and thinking that’s way off my level of success – fear not.

So long as you’re willing to put the work in, your email marketing can be the powerful tool it’s supposed to be. That is, as a phenomenal way to bring new customers, not to mention sales for your business.

Email works because email campaigns land straight in the inbox of your subscribers. However, generating the maximum ROI from email requires you to follow a few success metrics.

Whether you’ve been trying your hand at email marketing for days or decades, it’s time to sharpen up your game.

Here are 7 tips to boost your email ROI to do just that. 

Work Harder To Get Email Subscribers

typeform email subscribers

The more subscribers you have on your email list (especially engaged subscribers!) the more valuable your list will be.

The trouble is, it’s all too easy to overlook getting subscribers. If you aren’t putting in a constant effort to encourage people to sign up to your list, your campaigns won’t be reaching as many people as they could be. 

Where to put an email sign-up form to get more subscribers:

  • Website footer (appears on every page)
  • A dedicated landing page on your website for newsletter signups
  • Exit pop-ups and slide-ins
  • On your blog
  • Social media pages and posts 
  • Anywhere advertising competitions, giveaways or other incentives
  • QR codes (for any physical retail space, trade shows or other in-person events)

To maximise the number of sign-ups your email list gets, you should be using all of the above techniques rather than one or two.

If there are any other techniques applicable to your industry or service – get using these too!

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Experiment With Email Templates

Email template designs

Think about the point of sending email marketing campaigns in the first place. That is to encourage clicks to your website, and ultimately sales for your business. 

The way your emails are designed in terms of layout, colour, and media use can all help or hinder this aim. 

Email templates should embody the ethos of your brand. A good template should also do everything possible to get people clicking through to your website.

On sites such as Dribble, you can browse endless email templates to get a flavour of the latest design trends. Or the above image is a template you can download on Envato Elements. There are so many more websites like this!

Though, you should also consider the type of email you’re sending and who your target audience is. Put this thought in before you send your campaigns, and don’t be afraid to switch up anything that’s just not generating engagement or clicks. 

You can also have a play with the free GoSquared HTML Email Template Builder.

Have A Clear Call To Action (CTA) 🎯

Similar to designing a landing page on your website, you need a clear idea of what someone should do when they open your email.

This could be clicking on certain promotions or even giving your business a call. The true call to action (CTA) will depend on your business, and the type of email you’re sending.

Just have that clear purpose in mind before you create the campaign, and build the design, text and subject line around this aim. 

In contrast, emails without a clear CTA are unlikely to generate a healthy ROI because the user won’t know what you want them to do.

If you don’t know, and they don’t know, how can you expect your campaign to work?

Email Send Rate – Aim For Quality Over Quantity

Exhibit A: As someone who spends far too much money on likes beauty products, I am a target customer for Beauty Bay. But I ended up unsubscribing due to daily email bombardment from them. You can also see they sent me that many emails they mostly all sat unread. Stressing your subscribers does not equal sales, people.

In a previous post, we told you how sending too many emails is the reason 34% unsubscribe from a mailing list. 

Less followers = fewer people to reach with your campaigns = lower ROI 

We definitely don’t want that, do we? 

There’s no definite answer when it comes to how many emails are too many. After all, if you send a daily digest to your subscribers, and each email has a good open rate, why rock the boat?

But we all know of certain brands guilty of wringing the life out of their email send limit. Ecommerce companies emailing once, even more than once a day every day (even on Christmas Day) – we’re looking at you here.  

Instead, we’d always recommend sending emails that are well designed, and ultimately well thought out send rate wise.

Having quality as the focus of your marketing efforts is so much better than sending an email… just for the sake of sending an email.

Try Out Different Types Of Emails 

email template builder newsletters gosquared

If you ate the same sandwich every day for lunch, how long would it take for you to get fed up and crave something different?

What we’re saying here is that emails don’t just have to be the same thing each time.

Instead, many different types of emails exist you might want to try. This is especially the case if your email ROI needs bolstering, and your current format isn’t doing the trick. 

Some popular types of emails include:

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Daily digests
  • Event invitations
  • Lead nurturing
  • Milestone emails
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • Survey emails
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Welcome emails

Top tip for success: Match up each email type carefully with the recipient along with the campaign aim. 

Segment Your Campaigns


Segmentation is an ultra personalised email marketing technique.

Unlike send-to-all email blasts where you target everyone with the same message, segmentation means you only target select people with a specific message. 

In terms of ROI, segmentation has been found to deliver a 101% improvement in click-through rates, according to NotifyVisitors. The same article reported that segmentation can deliver an overall ROI of 760%.

So why does segmentation work so well for improving email ROI? 

To your customer (who you want to spend with you to boost ROI), segmentation tells them you understand their wants and needs. You aren’t treating them as ‘just another customer’ but as an individual. 

Don’t we all respond better to such special treatment by brands trying to sell us something? 

Segmentation uses data to make that happen, and with email marketing software such as GoSquared Engage, it’s a piece of cake too! 

Test & Analyse Emails Before Sending

ai productivity

Our lucky 7th tip for improving your email ROI is to take another look at your campaigns before sending them out to the masses. 

A/B testing is the official name of the game. But even if you don’t have two email designs to compare, you should still be checking that everything looks and works as it should. 

If your emails don’t look good on mobile, there are any broken links or even basic typos, then such errors will need to be fixed before sending.

Use a subjective eye to determine if the design and messaging of the email hits the mark or falls flat. It’s always better that as an internal team, you pick up on such letdowns before your customers do.

Ultimately, that email should encourage you to want to buy whatever you’re selling. If it doesn’t, your email ROI won’t be favourable.

Even if you have to delay the sending of your campaigns, never send out any email that doesn’t smash it out of the park for your business.

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Alternatives to activecampaign

Now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to increase your email return on investment (ROI), all that’s left is getting the right email marketing platform by your side. 

GoSquared Engage has been the go-to email platform for thousands of businesses since 2006. Packed full of features, Engage has everything you need to send incredible, data-driven email marketing campaigns.

Head to ➡️ Try GoSquared Engage for free to get started.

Need any help with your email marketing as a business?

Drop us a message and we can answer any questions or arrange a free product demo to help you.

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