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API Key Management

Improved Security in the GoSquared API

Right from the very start, the GoSquared API has been a great way to access all of the data visualised in our Now and Trends dashboards. Now, however, there is even more power in the API – tracking data, editing account preferences and accessing financial data tracked in Ecommerce Analytics.

Before today, each user would have a single API Key which provides access to all API functions, including the powerful functions mentioned above.

Now, each user can have any number of API Keys, each with individual permissions (scopes) to help lock down API access and prevent applications from accessing, tracking or modifying data when they shouldn’t. All keys can be managed via the API Keys page in your account area.

Your old API key will continue to work and have access to all scopes, unless you edit or revoke it.


The new API scopes are as follows…

Those familiar with OAuth may see some similarities with the scope permissions. In the near future, we hope to add an OAuth style key-generation process which will enable application developers to get access to the API with minimal friction.


Just like the deprecation of the insecure HTTP API, these changes come as part of our continued efforts to maintain a high level of security for our customers and their data.

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