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Changes to Twitter integration in GoSquared


Changes to the Twitter API and how they affect Twitter integration on GoSquared

Changes to Twitter integration

Over the next few days Twitter will be changing its functionality and restricting the information that is made available to unathenticated users. As a result you may well notice some minor changes in your GoSquared Dashboard.

If you have already have a Twitter integration on your Dashboard almost everything should continue as normal.

If you have not, just click connect to Twitter when prompted and the Twitter search functionality should continue to work.

Twitter are discontinuing the support for RSS feeds which means that for now you can’t plot Tweets as Milestones on your Timeline.

For the developers out there

We have created a Node.js library to make it easier to interact with the Twitter 1.1 API. If you find it useful please do let us know.

If you have any questions on Twitter integration please do not hestiate to contact us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

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