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GoSquared celebrates 18 years in business, returns to being a loveable analytics tool

EcoSend thriving, and GoSquared has its best days ahead as we celebrate our 18th birthday

GoSquared is now 18 years old.

The internet, and the world, has changed a lot in 18 years.

Aside from anything else, it’s easier to do rounded corners in CSS now 🤓.

As in previous years, we’ve updated our timeline so you can see the major milestones we’ve achieved since we started the business back in 2006.

Today we’re sharing an update on both EcoSend and GoSquared.

We’re more excited than ever about both.

In particular, we’ve got big news to those of you who have followed GoSquared for a while — let’s dive in!

GoSquared: the original real-time website analytics

Back in 2009 we launched the first true real-time website analytics tool — easy-to-use, easy-to-sign-up, and with an affordable range of plans for customers of all shapes and sizes.

Over the years we refined our analytics tools to be ever more capable (prepare for some links to take you down memory lane), introducing historical charts, multiple redesigned dashboards, an extensive API, email reports, and integrations.

Google Analytics and the need for a simple alternative

People have always loved GoSquared for web analytics. And as the big beasts of the industry like Google Analytics have grown in usage, so has the frustration of their users.

Rather than getting simpler, tools like GA have only become more complex and convoluted.

The need for simple, easy-to-use web analytics is greater than ever.

The new, analytics-focused GoSquared

At one point the easy answer to “what’s a good alternative to GA?” was easy: GoSquared.

But lately, GoSquared hasn’t been so simple any more, either.

Over time, we turned GoSquared from a simple web analytics tool into a suite of products, catering an ever growing list of needs for users.

From hundreds of conversations with customers it became clear to us: we needed to change. We needed to simplify again, and get back to basics.

So the GoSquared product is going back to its roots — rather than being a platform of multiple products, GoSquared will be focused on Analytics again.

This is a transition, and our top priority is to look after every single one of our customers as we make it.

Transitions like this are really difficult. In the short-run it’s easier to not do them, because there are a multitude of questions they raise with no simple answers. But in the long-run, if left unchecked, these questions and problems start to grow.

We’re not short-term thinkers. Our goal is to simplify, and to build world-class software that our customers love.

We know, in the long run, this will pay dividends to everyone.

For most customers, you’ll start to see GoSquared evolve as a better analytics tool again.

For customers who were using GoSquared for email sending, you’re not losing anything. In fact, quite the opposite — you’ve now got EcoSend, and every day we’re helping customers get set up to send there.

Live Chat’s bright future

For customers using Live Chat, we’re still working on a great path for you. We’ve simplified the GoSquared marketing site to focus on our analytics proposition, but there’s a bright future ahead for live chat. We’ll have more to share here in a future update.

Check out GoSquared

If you haven’t seen GoSquared in a while (or if this is your first time), you’ll find a beautifully simple set of tools for understanding website.

Learn more about GoSquared

EcoSend: the planet’s favourite email marketing platform

Over the last 18 months we’ve been busy turning EcoSend from an idea into a full-featured email marketing platform for purpose-driven businesses.

EcoSend is more popular than ever, and we’re incredibly grateful to the pioneering customers who have chosen to trust us with their email sending — folks like B-Lab Europe, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Springer Nature, and Wholegrain Digital, to name a few.

We want to see a world where everyone is conscious of their environmental impact — in everything they do, buy, and interact with.

We believe email has the potential to change the world.

Check out EcoSend

Want to send better email? Learn more about EcoSend

18 years, and we’re just getting started

The GoSquared Timeline

If you’re interested to learn more about the history of GoSquared check out our timeline of 17 years.

We couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead, turning GoSquared into a truly great analytics tool again, and furthering our mission with EcoSend.

Thank you for sticking with us, and see you soon for more.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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