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Coupons on Interest


Coupons of Interest

Coupons on Interest is a rather cool service that was developed in under 48 hours at our hackathon, London Real-Time. It allows e-commerce sites to give potential customers a discount on their products, based on the interest of a web page.

Using the GoSquared API, Coupons on Interest checks the concurrent number of visitors to a product page. Once a pre-defined threshold has been reached (for example 50 visitors) the site owner is sent an SMS (using Twilio) prompting them to offer a mass discount code to page viewers. When activated visitors get a push notification in their browser (using Pusher) with discount coupon details.

Coupons on Interest capitalises on the human fear of missing out, in this case missing out on a deal. You have to be quick to use and apply your discount code before it vanishes. It offers instant gratification and in some respect feels earned. A fantastic marketing technique.

Coupons of Interest

Oras Al-Kubaisi created the service entirely by himself, at London Real-Time, as a way to allow sellers to create their own Groupon-esque sites without having to pay for expensive services. There’s no need to hire extra staff for support and sales and it drastically reduces the cost of monitoring.

The London Real-Time judges were so impressed with Coupons on Interest that it won “Best Frankenstein” hack and consequently $1,500 of Amazon Web Services credit.

In the future Oras would like to add the ability to send coupons based on keyword searches, system information, geographic location again powered by the GoSquared API. Additionally he would like to make it easier for you to share the coupon with your friends, family and social networks.

We’re very excited about this creative use of the GoSquared API and want to encourage more developers and entrepreneurs to build fantastic stuff with and around our tools and data.

Find out more information about the hack on the London Real-Time hacks blog.

The source code for Coupons on Interest is available to download at http://shloud.com/realtime-code.zip

Check out a deployed and working version of the app here.

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