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elasticsearch-js connector for Amazon ES

Use elasticsearch-js with Amazon ES

We were thrilled to see AWS launch Amazon Elasticsearch this week, a hosted Elasticsearch service built right into AWS. We’re running a large ES cluster on EC2 already, so we’re keen to see how Amazon ES could save us time and effort managing Elasticsearch.

We use the elasticsearch-js module to communicate with the ES API from our Node.js services. Naturally I wanted to use the same module with Amazon ES, but it doesn’t quite work out of the box.

HTTP requests to AWS APIs need to be signed using an access key and secret key and this too applies to the Elasticsearch endpoint provided when you create a cluster with Amazon ES. So if you want to use elasticsearch-js with Amazon ES, you need to use a connector to handle authentication.

I couldn’t find any connectors, so I created one: http-aws-es on NPM and Github.

Hope you find it useful!

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