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First Photos of Banners from WWDC ’08


First Banners from WWDC 08

Good work Gernot Poetsch on snapping the first shots of the Moscone West building in San Francisco where the WWDC keynote will take place on Monday.

Every year, these banners leave a few hints as to what will be revealed on the big day, and this year is no exception.

As mentioned in our earlier article “Thoughts on WWDC“, the focus on OS X as much as iPhone here seems to suggest we will be seeing something about the next version of Apple’s desktop operating system.

Interestingly, this is the first time we have seen Apple marketing their operating system without the term “Mac”. Some people have noted this down as possibly meaning OS X could become available on PCs, but I sincerely doubt that. Instead, I see it as Apple strengthening the definition of each of their brands, so that they fall into the following categories:

  • Mac: The computer hardware (Desktop and Notebook)
  • iPhone: The mobile hardware (Perhaps a range of iPhones, gradually replacing the iPod)
  • OS X: The firmware (One operating system that developers can build for using the same tools and services, while making it even easier for consumers to move from iPod > iPhone > Mac)

It is also interesting to see Apple reviving the idea of OS X on the iPhone, as until now it had seemed Apple had been making the firmware update seem more like the “iPhone OS” as opposed to a mobile version of the desktop operating system.

Another interesting little piece of information: Mystery unmarked boxes similar size to iMac boxes overflowing at Quanta shipping facility. If we were there, we would risk having a look.

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