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Five things analytics should be

How GoSquared is different

What is the level of insight you need to succeed on the web? At GoSquared, we help our customers understand how to turn their website visitors into customers. I was talking to another startup about what we do over lunch yesterday and after my pitch, their first question was what does it mean to understand your customers? Everyone thinks they know their customers but do you really? It seems like something every business should do. But what is the level of insight necessary? What exactly should you know?For a start, your customers are not all the same. That’s lesson number one. So think about, where do they come from? How do they find you? Where are they going? What do they love? This is the kind of insight a website needs to succeed in 2014. As marketers, the question we need to be asking is not how can I sell more, it should be how can I use this insight to my make my customers insanely happy. We’ve put some slides together to show how GoSquared helps you make that leap and why our approach to analytics is different.

I hope you enjoy the slides and  please reach out (@AHTomski) if you have any comments or questions. I really enjoyed putting this deck together.





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Andrew leads marketing at GoSquared.

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