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GoSquared named High Performer in G2 Crowd Winter Rankings

Crowdsourced digital analytics report published

The first digital analytics report from G2 Crowd names GoSquared a High Performer. Based on 420 user generated reviews, the report compares twelve digital analytics products. GoSquared emerges as a strong contender with high satisfaction ratings.

The report speaks highly of the GoSquared service and singled out the team for praise:

Reviewers also praised the GoSquared team for their support and their approach to improving their software. They said the application updates often with new features and the company is very receptive to feedback.

93% of GoSquared reviewers were likely to recommend the tool while 100% of respondents believed the product was headed in the right direction. GoSquared’s quality of support was also given a 99% satisfaction rating.

You can purchase the full Digital Analytics G2 Crowd report here. If you want to read some of the GoSquared reviews, you can find them here.

GoSquared Reviews

These are just some of the comments made by customers in the reviews:

I like GoSquared because of its no-nonsense approach to real time web analytics. Its easy implementation and [customization] options made it an easy choice for me. Add to that a team of super enthusiastic people working behind the scenes and you have got a tool you know will make your life easier.

Matthew Niederbergerer

I love the fact the team at GoSquared have a real passion for what they do, they are constantly trying to improve the product and never settle, everyone seems to have a real hunger.

Ally Dewar

Our ability to report to advertisers exactly how many people are looking at our site at any moment is some powerful data. We have been able to increase our brand’s weight with such accurate, instant analytics.

Axel Murillo

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to every customer who took the time out of their day to leave a review of GoSquared. Honest reviews help new customers discover GoSquared. The whole team loves hearing about what makes the product valuable and useful for teams.

Even though the report is out, we value every single review. You can share your thoughts on G2 Crowd here.

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Andrew leads marketing at GoSquared.

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