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GoSquared Rails Gem

Set up GoSquared with your Rails app in an instant

After recently publishing our GoSquared Ruby Gem for interacting with the GoSquared Tracking and Reporting APIs, we’ve been really pleased with the feedback from our Ruby customers, who are now able to easily start integrating server-side event tracking and reporting into their apps and websites.

We decided to extend our Ruby support even further a by creating a specific Ruby on Rails Gem for assisting with the initial setup of GoSquared within a Rails application. We’re thrilled to release the beta of our GoSquared Rails Gem on RubyGems and GitHub.

As soon as you set up our GoSquared Rails gem, you’ll automatically have our JavaScript Snippet injected across your Rails views, enabling real-time analytics tracking on your site. You’ll also now have the ability to configure your analytics tracking directly within your Rails app.

With our JavaScript Snippet installed, you’ll also be set up to make use of GoSquared Live Chat straight away. All you need to do is toggle Live Chat on in your Project Settings.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve also included a helper for GoSquared People. If you have a user system in your app, you will now be able to inject our Identify method that references your “current user” object directly from your controllers, so you’ll be seeing your users in GoSquared in no time.

Once you have the basics set up, you can start to track properties about your users in GoSquared People. For example, if you had a paid app, you could track the subscription plan each customer is on. If you had a photo app, you could track a count of the number of photos a user has uploaded.

If you have a Rails app, and you’ve been holding off on trying GoSquared, there’s never been a better time.

Get started with GoSquared Analytics, Live Chat, and People CRM in a flash – go check out the GoSquared Rails gem on RubyGems and GitHub now!

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Russell is a sales engineer at GoSquared, focused on helping new customers get up and running with the GoSquared platform.

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