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Introducing GoSquared for Zapier

Opening up a treasure trove of new integrations and opportunities

GoSquared integrates with Zapier

We’ve lost count of how many times our customers ask us to build out new integrations…

It would be awesome if I could track events from application ‘X’

Smart Groups would be so useful if I could use them to trigger an action in application ‘Y’

Now, in a couple of clicks, GoSquared just works with every popular online service using the new GoSquared Zapier integration.

Head over to the Zapier Services screen in your GoSquared account to get started.

How does it work?

Getting different services to work together used to be something that was only possible for developers. Zapier massively simplifies the process using Zaps.

Zaps are automations created using Triggers and Actions.

A Zap doesn’t require any code and needs minimal input to configure. Just pair a Trigger from GoSquared with an Action from one of Zapier’s 500+ supported applications.

Make GoSquared the Rules Engine for your Business

People CRM is a realtime database of every action your customers ever took. Having this information at your fingertips makes writing complex automation rules incredibly easy. Save any combination of filters you like as a Smart Group and use it to trigger Zaps. Simple.

Your treasure trove of customer information suddenly became a lot more powerful.GoSquared integrates with all these CRMs via Zapier

Delight Customers with Contextual Support

What were your customers doing on your site at the exact moment they asked for help?

Tracking support events in-line with all your other customer’s actions suddenly makes this obvious. Have they already viewed the support doc you’re about to link them to? Which feature was frustrating them? What device/browser version were they using?GoSquared integrates with all these customer support tools and services via Zapier

Are the Emails you send Effective?

Put email events in context by bringing them inline with each users other online actions. What actions do people take after receiving an email? Perhaps somebody hasn’t logged into your site in a while but is still very engaged with your email content.GoSquared integrates with all these email tools and services via Zapier

Bring Important Transaction Events into GoSquared

Have multiple payment providers? Track all your transactions in one place. Combine transaction events with other customer information to create targeted followup emails.

GoSquared integrates with all these payment processors and gateways via Zapier

What Triggers does GoSquared support?

  • Person Entered Smart Group
  • Person Exited Smart Group
  • Traffic Spike
  • Traffic Dip

What Actions does GoSquared support?

Use Actions to fill in the gaps in your customers online behaviour:

  • Track an Event
  • Create or Update a Person profile

Events from 3rd party applications will become searchable in People CRM and show up ‘in-line’ in your customer’s profile view. Automatically update custom properties to keep GoSquared profiles in sync with you other CRM tools.

To start making Zaps with GoSquared…

  1. Sign up for a free Zapier account.
  2. Get your ‘Site key’ from the Zapier Services page.

These popular Zaps will guide you through the process:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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